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Welcome to the Atrium!

Vee Tac says:

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page as a Starting Point Hot Site.

I am Vee Tac, the Atrium master,

and I will be your guide.


In this playplace, Vee Tac is a good thing

and you may go asystole without me!

So, if you're ready

grab your stethoscope

and follow Vee!!!

This page was created for nurses and other healthcare professionals

who value their skills and always want to learn,

but need to RELAX!!!

Here you will find silly stories, games, amusements, contests

and you can even learn more about Vee Tac, if you choose!

One word of caution.....

Anyone detected as becoming stressed or too serious during the course

of this program,

will be forced to face the Ventricular Tribunal, who will

undoubtedly sentence you to 1 year of hard labour

servicing a secret group, who will be revealed if you

click this button. Please do not reveal the identity of this group to anyone!!

Vee Tac says: HAVE FUN!!!

Ahhhhh, you're still here and willing to go on? GOOD! You are at the

Superior Vena Cava, facing the true portal of the Atrium. Let me show you

your options and then you can choose (I'm beginning to trust you!).

Stay close though, and don't lose track of me, or we may have an asystolic

event! Watch for the teenie Vee Tac logo to give you hints and advice.



This is the BRAND NEW virtual personal ads and advice from the heart feature of THE ATRIUM.

Painmaster's Discussion Group

This is a mailing list discussion forum to bring to light new methods of pain management in the acute care situation as well as for the patient at home. Healthcare professionals will be encouraged to share new information, as it becomes avaiable to them, as well as ask questions and present problematic situations and conditions for discussion by the group.

Click here to JOIN the Painmaster's Discussion Group.

If you're already a member, you may browse the ARCHIVES of the PDG.
Netscape 3.0 and member password required!

COMING SOON.........

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