Living in a Cave

Plato said that if we lived in a cave and all we were able to see were the shadows on the back wall of the cave we would then believe that was reality. If we then were brought out into the light and saw the world as it truly was, then we would be unable to believe that. I wonder since we are so pounded by the media with unreality whether we see all that clearly now ourselves.


You have to wonder where we are going? I mean we seem to represent all that is wrong with democracy.

Look at Al Gore for example. Here is a man who by all accounts won the election in 2000 and is stepping out of the way for the next election.  Saying , and I am paraphrasing here but essentially that it would rehash too many of the events of 2000. I was just reading “Stupid White Men” and Michael Moore lays out a pretty terrifying argument that Jeb Bush handed the presidency to George W. Bush by disenfranchising Afican American voters. Michael Moore goes on to say that he is waiting for U.N. sponsored Belgium Paratroopers who will restore democracy because we have no hope of doing it ourselves. With Al Gore as an example I am starting to wonder if the paratroopers showed up if we would shoot them for disturbing our sense of what is real?