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We are here to help patients expand their OWN knowledge on a DIAGNOSIS. We feel that too many times patients walk away from a doctor visit not really knowing what they really have or what kind of beneficial support groups are available. We also feel that due to the heavy case load of the doctors that they just aren't able to give that information. The number of patients per doctor is getting larger every year. Our solution is to help the doctor by giving that information out to patients. At the same time we are helping patients keep informed about their diagnosis. WE DO NOT GIVE DIAGNOSIS'. That is what doctors are for. Nor do we encourage people not to see a doctor when it is needed. This page will be under constant work as we try to bring you actual stories of people who have benefitted from our services. Please send your requests to

Our fee is $30.00 U.S. for a electronic file and $35.00 U.S. for a mailed copy. These files include the disease name and its effects, all research and new drugs on the disease, support groups and any other related information that we can find. The actual processing time is from 2-5 working days. We also enjoy e-mail with comments or suggestions as well as questions, so feel free to write us. We do have an e-mail address just for orders or stories. It is:

Soon to come, True stories about how our efforts have helped people to understand and heal their loved ones.

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Medical Resource Bureau does not sell the information in files. The information is public domain. Our Bureau provides research resources not the information itself. We will not be held responsible for what clients and patients do with what is contained in their files.

Medical Resource Bureau does not diagnose customers and does not replace doctors care. We encourage customers and patients to follow their doctors' instructions.

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