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The Virtual Foreskin


Another site that goes on about the pros and cons of circumcision? Yes, but with a difference. This site aims to present an unbiased view and the longest list of links to other websites that are for and against circumcision and foreskin restoration.


So why am I interested?

I'm a thirty-something married male living in the UK who, up until now, has remained (almost) intact. My Doctor has recommended I have a circumcision on more than one occasion to clear up a recurrent medical problem. This is an option I have to consider. Until fairly recently I had little idea of what was involved in this procedure and its outcome. During my schooldays I noted that some of my friends had been circumcised but I had no cause to be interested in the matter at the time and missed the opportunity to find out more. I have moved away from the place where I grew up so have no old friends to confide in or ask - seems to be a taboo topic in the UK anyway.

In my quest for more detail I have trawled the Internet on a number of occasions and read a lot about the subject. My awareness has grown and I have formed some opinions. For instance, I do not think that babies should be circumcised for any reason. Any parent that has this done to their son must be prepared for the potential backlash and resentment when he grows up. On the other hand, later in life if a valid medical problem, e.g. non-retraction, becomes apparent it should be treated positively with as little fuss as possible. Disappointingly there are a number of sites on the Web that promote themselves as "information" pages to enable people to make "an informed decision" but they always seem to promote a single view which is usually to challenge the need for this operation at all.

Anyway, I will add more material as time permits, meanwhile here are the links I have found.

Unbiased List of Links

Anti-Circumcision Sites

Foreskin Restoration Sites
Medical, Magazine Sites & Forums etc.
Pro-circumcision Sites


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