A Humorous Look At Life At Full Speed! (Or How I Survived It All and Remained Sane.....Well, Most Days!)

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Where the Inspiration for this site began!

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These pages are not only for those dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder, nor those of us blessed with ADD in triplicate, but rather for any and all out there who find themselves in need of a moment's peace or a good chuckle!

I hope you find something insightful here, if not then I hope you at least find yourself grinning - perhaps in recognition?

Amidst raising triplets plus 2 others, all with ADD or ADHD, I have learned many things, such as Cats really don't mind being buttered!

Yes, one of my kids actually did that! While I was on the phone (isn't that always when they do this stuff?) he decided to completely cover the cat with margerine....turned that poor cat completely yellow! And the silly cat just sat there and let him!

Wonderful Lines From Children's Minds

"Pretend I didn't do it, Mom..."
"I don't know what came over me!"
"Can't you just buy some money?"
"But the cats don't need water! They can just drink out of the toilet!"

For more of these unique quips, visit my Often Heard in an A.D.D. Home page!

Do you have any great kid's "one-liners?" I'd love to hear them! Just email me!

A Bit About Me

YES, I do have triplets, and NO I wasn't taking any fertility drugs!

These are probably the two answers I give most often! And then I become known as "The one with Triplets", even though I actually have five children!

For more background info and a few of my thoughts visitA Bit About Me.

Is there a home anywhere that does not suffer the Mystery of the Odd Socks? Find out what you can do with the left-over ones!

Hyper-Focus! Find out what all the hype is!

The A.D.D. Page! Just what is Attention Deficit Disorder, anyway?

Nancy 1997

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