The Campbell


Descendants of

Obediah C. Campbell

~~~*~~~ I have new information that gives the History of Obediah's parents; The following was contributed by CAROLYN HINES YOUNG; Thank you Carolyn;~~~*~~~


Born-1645, in Inverary, Argyleshire,Scotland; Died-1725, in Ulter County, Scotland; He married, MARY McCOY; Mary was born in 1648, in Iverary, Argyleshire, Scotland; They had ____? Children; The only known children are listed below;

Children of Duncan Campbell and Mary McCoy are;

1/.. William Campbell b-abt-1775

2/.. Jesse Campbell b-abt-1778

3/.. Anna Campbell b-abt-1800


(Duncan) b-abt-1776,probably in Abbeville, So. Calolina; He married, MARY ________CAMPBELL;Only child known of William and Mary Campbell is;

1/.. Anna Campbell; b-1904, in Abbeville So. Carolina; Died-1876; No other information;


(Duncan); b-abt-1778, in Abbeville, So. Carolina;Died___? He married, Spouse unknown; They had ___? children;

Only known child of Jesse Campbell is ; 1/.. Obediah C. Campbell; b-1807


(Duncan); b-abt-1780;Married, JOHN PATTERSON; No other information;


(Jesse/Duncan); .b-Oct. 10,1807, in Abbyville, District, South Carolina. d- May 30,1888, in Senoraville, Georgia, Gordan County; He married, ANNA ELIZABETH PATTERSON, abt-1826; Anna died, Aug. 25,1869,and is buried in Wesley Cemetary, Gordan County, Georgia.2/.. He married, FRANCES "FANNIE", MATTHEWS STEWART, Jan.19,1870. Francis died, Nov.28,1892, and is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetary, in Gordan County, Georgia.( Obediah and Francis had no known children together); Obediah and Elizabeth had twelve children;

A story passed on through the ages, came to me from Laurie Mashburn, via, Herman Johnson Jr.(Thank you Laurie and Herman);" FRANCES "FANNIE" MATTHEWS, was previously married to JOHN HENRY STEWART,abt-1838, in N. Carolina; John Henry Stewart, born-abt-1818 in N.C, died on May 14,1864, after The Battle of Resaca; He was coming home after the battle, and killed by a snipers bullet; Although he is not listed on any CSA Roster, he joined his neighbors when the Union troups were marching into Gordan County, Georgia; He was buried in an unmarked grave at the Resaca Confederate Cemetary; By the time his family got a wagon and horses together to drive the distance to get John Stewarts body, soldiers had already buried him; Years of resentment and division developed between the Campbell and Stewart families. As the story is told, John Henry Stewart, left a moderate sum land to his wife, Frances; When Frances and Obediah Campbell married, it seems that Obediah sold off most of the Stewart land, which formed a resentful breach between the two families; When Frances died, her children by John Stewart would not allow her to be buried with the Campbell name. She is buried as Frances Matthews Stewart. Court documents report that tthe Stewart's had 97 acres in Gordan County Georgia at the time.Which does not seem to be alot of land,but evidently the children of John Henry Stewart wanted to inherit it.John Henry Stewart and Frances Matthews had seven children;"

Children of Obediah Campbell and Anna Elizabeth Patterson are;

1/.. Francis M. Campbell; b-Jan.9,1828

2/.. Mary C. Campbell; b-June 20,1829

3/.. Elizabeth A. Campbell; b-Aug.131831

4/.. William Wrightman Campbell; b-Aug.10 1833

5/.. Anna A. Campbell: b- Nov.7 1835

6/.. Thomas Patterson Campbell; b- Dec.1,1837

7/.. John Middleton Campbell; b-Nov.10 1839

8/.. Dicy Emily Campbell; b- Aug.24 1842

9/.. Sarah Jane Campbell; b- Oct. 29 1843

10/.. Mildred Elafair Campbell; b- Nov. 30 1845

11/.. Martha V. Campbell; b- Nov. 6 1847

12/.. Obediah G. Campbell; b-Sept. 27 1850


(Obediah/Jesse/Duncan);.b- Jan. 9,1828, in Abbyville, South Carolina; d- Oct. 3 1910, in Gordan County, Georgia. She married, JAMES Q. BOZEMAN, abt-1847; She is buried in Wesley Cemetary, Gordan Cnty.Ga; James Bozeman died, Oct. 11,1871, and is buried in Wesley Cemetary also.


(Obediah/Jesse/Duncan); b-June 20,1829, in Abbyville S. Carolina.No other information;


(Obediah/Jesse/Duncan); b-Aug.13,1831, in Abbyville, S. Carolina; d- Oct. 18 1870, and is buried in Tate Cemetary, Senoraville, Ga. Gordan County; She married _______LACKEY. They had one child; Then she married, EVAN CALAWAY TATE, and they had eight (known) children; Elizabeth died in child birth,having twins; It is said that she and the two babies, who died also, were buried in the same coffin;She is buried in Tate Cemetary, Sonoraville,Georgia,Gordan County.

Child of Elizabeth Campbell and ___Lackey is;

1/.. Drucella Lackey, b-abt-1852-53

Children of Elizabeth Campbell Lackey and Evan Calaway Tate, are;

1/.. James Bunyun Tate.b-Apr.22,1857

2/.. Augustus Columbus Tate

3/.. Nellie Ann Savannah Tate

4/.. Louisa Jane Tate

5/.. Mary Ellen Tate

6/.. Robert Tate

7/.. Twin,died at birth-Born and died Oct. 18,1870

8/.. Twin,died at birth-Born and died Oct.18,1870

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(Obediah/Jesse/Duncan); b-Aug. 10 1833 , in Abbeville, So. Carolina: died-June 18, 1908, and is buried in Wesley Cemetary,in Gordan County, Georgia. He married, SEMMEYE BROWN GANNAWAY.


(Obediah/Jesse/Duncan); b-Nov. 7,1835, in Abbyville, So. Carolina.No other information;


(Obediah/Jesse/Duncan); b-Dec. 1, 1837, in Abbyville, So. Carolina. died-Jan. 1, 1918, and is buried in Forrest Chapel Cemetary, Lamar County, Texas. He married, MARGARET ELIZABETH SILK: b-1841, in Gordan County, Georgia; Died-1902, in Lamar County, Texas;They had ten children;Only child known of Thomas Campbell and Elizabeth Silk is; 1/.. John Middleton Campbell;b-1858;


(Thomas/Jesse/Obediah/Duncan): b-1858, in Gordan County, Georgia; Died-1934, in Lamar County, Texas; He married, HENRIETTA "ETTA" EVANS; b-1859, in Gordan County, Georgia: Died-1949, in Lamar County, Texas; They had eight children; The only children I have listed is;

1/George Taylor Johnson

2/.. Mona Lee Campbell; b-1896


(John/Thomas/Jesse/Obediah/Duncan): b-____.No other information except that he had a son by the name of Bernice Mart Campbell; 1/.. Bernice Mart Campbell: b-Mar.13,1911, in Paris Texas, Lamar County;

BERNICE MART CAMPBELL Died today ,Febuary 1, 2000: Bernice was born-Mar.13,1911, in Paris Texas,Lamar County; He died-Febuary 1,2000, in Paris,Lamar County.His funeral is being held at Fry & Gibbs Funeral Home, in Paris,Texas, Feb.3,2000; Enterment will be held at Chicota Presbyterian Cemetary, Chicota, Lamar County,Texas;Bernice married, CORINNE SHIPMAN, Jul.5,1933,in Hugo Oklahoma; They had three children;


(John/Thomas/Jesse/Obediah/Duncan): b-1896, in Lamar County, Texas; Died-1966, in Lamar County, Texas; She married, JOSEPH MARSHALL HINES; born-1895, in Lamar County Texas;Died-1966 , in Lamar County, Texas; The only child I have listed is: 1/.. (Youngest), Joe Cline Hines;


(Mona/John/Thomas/Jesse/Obediah/Duncan): b-1927, in Lamar County,Texas; Died-1985, in Dallas County, Texas; Only child listed is; Carolyn Hines, who married a Mr. Young;


(Obediah/Duncan); b-Nov. 10, 1839 , in Abbyville,So.CarolinaDied-Jan. 28,1918, and is buried in Wesley Cemetary, Gordan County, Georgia. He married, CHAROLOTTE CODY;


(Obediah/Duncan); b- Aug. 24,1842, in Abbyville Dist.,So.Carolina.Died-May 19,1914, 7 miles North of Old Glory S. Stonewall County, Texas, and is buried in Chandler Cemetary, Gordan County, Ga. She married, JAMES BUNYUN JOHNSON, Jan.22,1857, in Gordan County Georgia. They had eleven children;

Children of Dicy Emily Campbell and James Bunyan Johnson are;

1/.. Alonzo Whitfield Johnson; b-May 1,1858

2/.. Solon Bunyan Johnson; b-Apr.26,1861

3/.. James William Johnson; b-Sept.1,1866

4/.. Josephine Johnson; b-Aug.25,1868

5/.. Coke Campbell Johnson: b-Apr.12,1871

6/.. Emily Annie Johnson; b-Aug.29,1873

7/.. Catherine Olive Johnson; b-Jan.7,1875

8/.. Frances Lilly Johnson; b-Jun.19,1877

9/.. Harold Felton Johnson; b-Kun.3,1879

10.. George Wells Johnson; b-Apr.27,1881

11/.. Semmie Lou Johnson; b-

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(Obediah/Duncan);b-Oct. 29,1843, in Abbyvile, So. Carolina.No other information;


(Obediah/Duncan); b-Nov. 30, 1845, in Abbyville, So. Carolina; She married, W>F SLAYTON, Mar.11,1865, in Gordan County,Georgia.


(Obediah/Duncan); b-Nov. 6,1847, in Abbyville, So. Carolina. She married, A.J McINTIRE, Jan. 7,1876, in Gordan County, Georgia.


(Obediah/Duncan); b-Sept. 27, 1850, in Abbyville, So. Carolina; He married, MARY GREER; No other information;