• Vaasi yoga is channelising the breath in sushumana nadi. There are two vayus namely prana and apana vayus by channelising this vayus the breath made into flow sushumana or brahma nadi.
  • Normally the breath take place through left or right or ida or pingala and by this practice breath flow through sushumana nadi for ordinary people breath take place through right or left but yogis breath through brahma nadi.
  • The breath circulates inside the body and it is called as Kevala Kumbakam and he can live for many more years without food or water and he can Postpone his death.
  • This is also called Ajabagayathri japam is done without pronouncing in mouth. In Hindu Culture which has different sects in these sects brahmins do Gayathri Japam which is considered as highest japa is done by prounouncing through mouth.
  • But this is done without pronouncing throgh mouth and silence has more power than words. When our life force is cycled once from Mooladara we will get the benefit of what we achieve in 12 years in spiritual attainment we will get it half minute (It is said in Autobiography of Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda).
  • This yoga is almost forgotten one and they have hidden this art being purely selfish. Nobody is ready to part with this art and this is only yoga which can help to attain the goal. Due to restriction in this yoga they were unable give it to public.
  • There are some people who do not want to leave their bad habits and come into yoga. They are bent upon drinking smoking etc., they cannot come out of this bad habits.
  • And they have to comedown to earth again and again in the vicious cycle of birth and death and get caught in the womb undergo the painful life of human being we can escape from this cycle by this vaasi yoga. (a little practice of this Dharma will relieve us from painful cycles of rebirth this is said by mahavatar babaji).
  • They will also try to give excuses for not practising and they will put blame on time "Let the time come" the time will not come at all and we have to choose the time and who knows about the great nature.
  • Before the time death may approach by practicing we can also be a Jeevan Muktha even at the time of death we can shed this body and enter to astral world and live among siddhars for many centuries.