Sexual Vampires

The most common description of a sexual vampire is that it is a person who feeds off sexual energy. Sexual vampires are psy vampires.

But I would like to go deeply in this kind of vampire not taken too much into consideration. Most people would be confused and if you are reading this and you are not a real vampire you could say that most of people enjoys having sex. That is very true, but a sexual vampire takes all the energy involved in sexual act. Just consider this: A vampire is a person who feeds of energy, and during the sexual act all the energy is directed and taken from the universe in the most pure way. Common people just think about the normal sexual intercourse without paying attention to all this. Well sexual vampires do. They take all that energy emaning from the other person and concentrates to feed off every sigh, breath, caress, sensation, sound, movement.

A sexual vampire who is awakening starts to notice that although they have good sex something is missing, and there is that odd feeling inside of them, that feeling of emptiness and hunger. The hunger increaes each time they have sex but still cannot find the way to ease that hunger. Some have told me they feel short of breath. Then they realize that their ocasional lover can ease their hunger by giving them their energy. There are many techniques for example feeding directly from his mouth , it is not just an ordinary kiss, it implies to absorb the energy and feel it filling you. I also would like to emphasize that there is no need of penetration. The energy is absorbed in other ways. This is mainly the antique theory of Tantra.

What is Love Energy? Love energy is the same as life energy. It is the energy that is in all living things. It is active, vital, and creative. It is known by many names including: prana, ki, kundalini, shakti, orgone, aura. "Since the life process and the sexual process are one in the same, it goes without saying that sexual, vegetative energy is active in everything that lives." Life energy is sexual energy. Life energy manifests as electro-magnetic energy. When the natural flow of life energy is blocked in the process of daily life, it causes the energy to come out as physical or mental illness. Modern life is particularly stressful and we internalize many messages which inhibit the flow of life energy.

Sexual energy is life energy. Releasing blocked sexual energy can contribute to personal health, and well being.

Realizing the potential of life energy means getting in touch with your body, feeling your feelings, and breathing the breath of life. It means loving yourself and giving yourself the gift of joy and pleasure.


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