Foss Family Tree

Researched by Martha Storer and Valerie Joy


John Foss, born July 13, 1638, in Rike, Denmark. Moved to England. He was a calker

(caulker). He deserted a British warship in Boston Harbor and came to Rye, NH, where he married (1st) Mary Chadbourne. She was born in Boston, Mass.,in 1644. Daughter of William and Mary Chadbourne.

Married (2nd) Mary Fernside. Married (3rd) Elizabeth.


John, born 1660.

Elizabeth, born 1660.

Samual, died young.

Martha, married Richard Goss.

Thomas, married Abigail Cole and had 2 children.

William, married Sarah Buswell November 29,1700.

Joshua, had a son Joshua.


Hannah, married John Jennes in 1702.


Mary, married James Warren in 1691.



Jemima (Jane), married Samuel Hall.

Samuel, married Mary Hinkson and had 2 sons.

Walter Foss of Newington, NH. Tradition says that he drowned at Scarboro, ME.

He bought land at Saco in 1729.

Wife's name is unknown.



Thomas, baptized December 1725



Walter, born in Dover, NH., January 10,1791.

Was in siege of Louisburg, member of George Berry's company.

Benjamin Foss, baptized July 30,1710, in Portsmouth,NH. Married Silence Winch on

October 26,1731. She died August 20,1757. He may have been in Machias in 1765. Received deed for 16 acres from father, July 1782. He died in Scarboro,ME.,November1,1790.



William, baptized January 1,1742.

Sussana, January 1,1742. Married Obedieh Fitts , May 1762.

Benjamin, baptized January 1,1742.

John, baptized January 25, 1742. Buried September 20, 1746.

Mary, baptized October 7,1744.

Hannah, baptized March 22,1744.

Elizabeth, baptized December 8,1751.

John, baptized November 12,1749.

Peletiah, died December 31,1753.

Peletiah, baptized September 28, 1754. Buried November 29,1754.


Samuel Foss, baptized January 31,1742. Married Elizabeth Moody December 30,1756.

She died March 23,1791. He married Olive Burnham on October 31,1793.



Daniel, baptized September 23,1759.

David, baptized May 17,1761.

Mercy, baptized July 18,1762. Married John Moody July 25,1790.

Elizabeth, baptized July 18,1762. Married Peletiah Fenderson October 18,1782.

Samuel, baptized July 29,1773. Buried July 31,1773.

Peletiah Foss, baptized October 1,1758. Married Hepsibeth Fenderson June 1, 1784. She was baptized October 16, 1785, with her son. Tradition says that she was scalped by indians as a young girl in Scarboro, Me. , and lived.


Rufus, baptized October 16, 1785. Married Betsey Cluff.


Phebe, married Jonathan Milliken

Jane, didn't marry.

Ezekial Foss, born October 19, 1788. Was a farmer. died in Hollis, Me., about 1876.

Married Hannah Edgecomb of Saco, Me., november 10,1811. She was born March 18, 1788.


Pelitiah, born May 25, 1812. Married Letteice Aulds. Lived in Saco, Me.

Elias, born February 24, 1814. Married Olive.


Mary Ann, born April 10, 1818.

Elvira, married Theodore Haines.

Phebe Ann, married John Gordon March 14, 1850.

Lettice A., married Luther Weymouth of Saco, Me., November 26, 1850.

Enos, a son that died young.

Cyrenius Foss, born January 29, 1816. Was a school master and brick mason. Buried in

Hollis, Me. Married Mary Elizabeth Kingsbury on May 23, 1841. She was born in 1819 and died December 23, 1857. He married Jane Townsend in 1858.

Children of Cyrenius and Mary Elizabeth Foss:

John Fairfield, born December 5, 1842. Married Augusta N. Perham on June 29,1866.

Enos Lovell, born July 28, 1844. Married Susan A. Johnson on July 28, 1864. Had 2 children Loren and Wilfred.

Mary Francis, born august 18, 1846. She did not marry.

Emma Anna, born 1848. Died March 21, 1932.She is buried in Biddeford at the cemetery by 5 points intersection.

Miriam Elizabeth, born September 10, 1851. Married John C.A. Robinson on February 3, 1876.

Nancy Kingsbury, born September 8, 1853. Was adopted by her Uncle Henry Kingsbury and her name was changed to Annie Kingsbury after her mother's death. She married Otis Wright and had 4 children Henry, Lucy who never married, Howell, and Cecil. She died in 1935.

Henry C.

Samuel Elroy, born September 1857, died October 5, 1880.

Henry C. Foss, born October 31, 1855. Died 1936. Buried at Meeting House Hill, Hollis, Me.

Was a stone mason. Married Martha Smith February 20, 1881. She was born in 1852 and died in 1923.


Ida, married Benjamin Huff. Had 3 children, Emma, Martha, and Howard. died April 19,1980


Ralph Foss, born June 27, 1881. Married Lizzie Scamman. died 1952.


Ester, married Ernest Bainton. Had 1 child, Ernest,Jr.


Eleanor, didn't marry.

Kenneth E.Foss, born September 9, 1903. Electrician and farmer in Biddeford-Saco. Married

Mona Sawyer September 21, 1929, daughter of Frank and Almeda Sawyer. She was born December 12, 1910.


Kenneth S.

Joanne, born August 9, 1934. Married Santo Savasta. Had 2 daughters.

Sandra, born May 14, 1942. Married Richard Moore. Had 3 daughters.

Monica, born April 14, 1952. Married Roy Gentry. Had 1 son.

Kenneth S.Foss, born February 21, 1931. Married Gloria Thyng June 22,1957.

She was born November 15, 1938, daughter of Grover and Virgie Thyng.


Linda, born September 21, 1957.

Joan, born September 19, 1959.

Tammy, born March 15, 1962.

Kenneth G.

Kenneth G.Foss, born July 19, 1968.



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