From Decision to Decision

 He surveys his own possible benefits with the nervous little eyes of relative wisdom, and his whole body moves through the world in a fog of doubt. His life is indecision, no decision, or wrong decision.

He's perplexed as to which way he should go--"This way or that?" He tries to map out a decision--"That way or this?" He wanders forever in a tangle of doubts and hesitations. For him it's useless to decide "yes." For him it's useless to decide "no." For him it's useless to decide not to decide anything at all!

Life's no theory! Life doesn't grow out of reasoning and explanations. Let him get away from the small judgements of relative wisdom and get beyond that weighing of profit and loss; them he'll see life exactly as it is.

There's no rationalization or doubt in the coming of spring. Spring just decisively appears. Summer, autumn, winter--when they come there's no hesitation about it. Their decision is: Summer. Autumn. Winter.

Now again, it's spring--and suddenly cherry blossoms! The decision just bursts out. And from those flowering branches a later decision scatters the petals.

Autumn is here. The maple leaves are red--they had no doubts about changing color. When they have turned to red, decision floats them to the earth.

In the sky the lightening flashes and then the clouds and mist roll in. What's there to consider? The lightening flashes, the clouds and mist roll in. There's decision for you!

Birds warble, horses neigh--they can't help but do it. Birds have no doubts about singing. Horses don't hesitate before they express their feelings. The decision sings, the decision neighs.

Life should go like the giant's walk, pounding over the earth. No holding back, no indecision, no explanation, no reasoning. It just appears--decisively.

I deeply believe, and hurl myself into it: the decision of birth, decision of sickness, decision of aging, decision of death. The decision that breaks out in laughter or spills in tears.

Life is always being itself. Living in the Eternal Now, I praise the past life that it holds, follow the future life contained in it. So my life moves from decision to decision, from deepest truth to deepest truth, always obeying the changes of time. I concentrate my power on living life.

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