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Freemasonry is the mighty paradox of the ages.

It is not a benevolent society and yet its charities are the largest of all fraternal organizations. Our charities are the natural expression of men who have learned the genuine meaning of Charity.

Freemasonry does not claim to be a religion, yet its teachings embrace the fundamental principles of all true religions. It recognises the right of each brother to the religion of his choice, while it offers men of various religious affiliations the opportunity to meet as brothers.

Freemasonry is referred to as a "secret organisation". It has modes of recognition which are secret, but our principles are published far and wide. Tens of thousands of books have been published on the subject of Freemasonry.

The genuine secrets of Freemasonry are the secrets of the Universe. The acorn grows into a mighty oak, and the entire process is one of secrecy and silence. The sun proclaims a new day, and marks the close of another day, and it, too, is a force of silence and secrecy.

We see the Lodge building in the community. But still we do not hear or see the heartbeat of Freemasonry. We say hear of an incident where a child is given shelter and love, or a crippled child, whose parents cannot afford to pay for hospitalization and surgery, is made to walk again, a widow may receive a basket of groceries, a young man aspires to be a Freemason like his Dad, and all of this is included in the vast mysteries of Freemasonry.

Our membership is not a membership of men who have achieved greatness, yet through the ages it has attracted the great. The poets, Goethe, Burns, Scott, Kipling, and others have left us immortal lines inspired by their love of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is indeed the Mighty Paradox of the ages.

Tom O. Muggeridge
(First Pres. of HRC)
c. 1960


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