Hi, and welcome to The Cup Is Mine!, the officially approved Crash Team Racing fanlisting!


[site opened: 20th March 2004]

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The basic idea behind a fanlisting is to untie fans of a certain topic from all around the world on a big list. This way, you can feel part of it, and maybe not feel so alone :D 

You can see who else on the Internet is a fan, and check out their websites, and feel like a community, if you want!

This fanlisting, like I said on the main page, is for all fans of the game Crash Team Racing. If you love the game, the characters, the tracks, the scenery, anything- well, then this site is the place for you.



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Country list taken from PHPFanbase


|1| Katie    England  @    http://   Coco

|2| Lindsay  USA      @    http://   Crash and Coco

|3| Chantel  USA      @    http://   Crash, Coco and Pura

|4| Spring    England  @   http://   Crash and Tiny

|5| Harriet    England  @    http://    N.Gin

|6| Janice    Singapore  @   http://   Coco

|7| Amy    USA  @   http://   Crash

|8| Carrie    USA  @   http://   Crash

|9| Tyler    USA  @   http://   Coco

|10| Corey    USA  @   http://   Coco

|11| Toshi    USA  @   http://   Crono

|12| Fiina    Finland  @   http://   Pura

|13| Erica    Spain  @   http://   Fake Crash, Crash and Polar

|14| PuasGirl    Canada  @   http://   Crash

|15| Hopeth    USA  @   http://   Polar

|16| Mallissa    France  @   http://   Coco

|17| Lauz    England  @   http://   Punter Penguin


I do not own Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot, or any other related charatcers. Tehy are all registered to 'Naughty Dog' and 'Vicarious Visions' and all of those big companies, I think. This is just a way of showing my appreciation for the game, as a fan. So nyah!



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