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This is the site in development when
Louay Awad
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Louay Awad, of London Bridge Enterprises, owner of the Lake Havasu City Flea Market  2799 War Eagle Drive, Lake Havasu City, AZ passed at the end of April, 2003 of a heart attack that came while he was being treated for a brain injury he received at the store.  The brother literally worked himself to death.  Bless his heart and soul, he was always busy working on Building the Flea Market.  It became a meeting place for some of Lake Havasu City's artists. 

Lou was a source of encouragement.  Doll makers, sculptors, antique dealers, yard artists, hat makers, organic produce lifestylers, florist, etc. were able to display for sale their art and goods at the Flea Market.  He always encouraged and helped artists ask a fair price for their work.

This site is a small collection of photos of the Flea Market, which is now closed, and of Lou (pictured above), wearing a crochet hat created by local Lake Havasu City Artist Edith Akuna in the store. 

At the time of his passing, he was preparing to add food services to the flea market and put up this website with E-bay links for his merchandise.  He had recently completed selecting pictures for the Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 slide show.  For a copy send an e-mail to hubbleangel@yahoo.com .

Don't know what's next.  I'm trying to locate the artists.  We're a loosely threaded group here in the Arizona desert.  The artists of Lake Havasu City have now lost the Lake Havasu City Community Center that was located at the base of the London Bridge and the Flea Market owned by Louay within six months of each other. 

"And the times, they are a changin'."

Thanks Lou.  You made it to the web and heaven too.  Now we have another angel who specializes in retail.

To share your thoughts send me, Nayer, an e-mail to hubbleangel@yahoo.com

J. Nayer Hardin
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