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"In Vitro Study of the Effects of Universal and Human Energy on Biological Models"
Sophia-Antipolis, France  (March 1997)


The work outlined in this paper was performed by a group of researchers in France. They performed in vitro studies to investigate the effects of Universal Energy (UE) on a simple biological model, the cell, as well as on a more complex model, reconstituted human epidermis. This team was made up of researchers (doctors, biologist, biochemists) specializing in skin biology, histology and cell culture among others.

The initial work began in January 1996 and focused on a simple model: the cell. Experiments were performed on healthy normal cells and on skin cancer cells. They also dealt with the reaction of these cells to chemical intoxication.

In order to ensure that scientific rules were strictly observed, all experiments were conducted blindly and all the persons involved were separated:

  • Laboratory technicians never knew which samples were treated by UE and which were not;

  • Researchers read the results;

  • UE practitioners performed the UE transfers.

Moreover, UE was transferred remotely by using Chakra 6 (C6) abilities, not only because the precision and power of UE are greater when sent by C6, but also because this preserves the bacteriological integrity of the models used and the overall objectivity of the experiments.

During these experiments, distances of several kilometers to several hundred kilometers were tried.

The Chakra 6 abilities have been given to thousands of people during four seminars, held in Europe and Asia, devoted to the use of Chakra 6 to promote healing.

It should be emphasized that this study was carried out for scientific research purposes only. Though they are quite sophisticated and are used in the field of biological and medical research, the in vitro biological models used in these experiments differ greatly from the complex body of a human being in that:

  • They are more fragile than in vivo models, as a result of the absence of many defense and protection mechanisms

  • They lack a nervous system, a blood system, etc.

For the above-mentioned reasons, this study should not be taken as a medical study, since this goes beyond the objective of this project.

However, the findings outlined here should serve as a useful basis for more detailed research in numerous fields.


In conclusion, the present studies show that:

  • UE helped and accelerated the growth and renewal to promote healing for a living organ. These effects delayed (or suppressed) the changes brought on by aging (in this in vitro model) that the untreated tissue underwent. More study need to be conducted.

  • UE promoted healing for the damaged organ/tissue. This healing process was fast and was not accompanied by scar formation.

  • UE suppressed fungal infection. The possible mechanisms for this effect are:

  1. by an enhancement of the treated tissue's immunity and defense,

  2. by the suppression (death) of the pathogenic agent (fungus).

  • UE helped to preserve the tissue treated

In the second part of the studies presented in this paper, it was observed how UE acted on healthy cells, sometimes by activating their growth rate, but always by greatly increasing their life span.

Additionally, the effects of UE on cancer cell elimination were clearly witnesses in an in vitro model. This effectiveness ranged from 30% to 60% after only 4 days of UE transfers.

In light of the above findings, it is interesting to note that UE acts intelligently, by elimination in the case of cancer cells, though by preservation in the case of healthy cells.

In this second part, the daily optimal number of transfers as well as their length were established on these in vitro models. It is important to note that these results objectively corroborate the number and length of the daily healing, as taught in the school of Universal Energy.

In the third part, a more complex biological model was examined: reconstituted human epidermis (RHE). Astoundingly, treated RHEs no longer featured the usual signs of aging, as though they had somehow become less sensitive to the "inevitable effects of time".

Moreover, when wounds were purposely performed on these RHEs, UE proved to be very efficient in promoting a remarkable healing.

In the case of fungal infection, as shown on Figure 33, UE was also able to deal with such infection with great effectiveness.

In the case of intoxication with very toxic substances, it was also observed how UE worked against all predictable prognoses: the fragile intoxicated normal cells and the RHEs were kept alive with UE.

In contrast, the action of UE on pathological cells improved the efficiency of the toxic product when used as an anticancer agent. These findings all serve to illustrate what Prof. Dr. Sir Master LUONG MINH DANG regularly repeats in his lectures, when he advises ill persons to combine classic therapies with UE healing in order to improve the effectiveness of the medication and provide better results.

Also when UE was transferred directly onto the toxic substance, it was observed that this substance would lose part of its activity, as though it was partially inactivated.

At the end of this comprehensive study, we were finally able to come up with satisfying answers to the questions we had asked ourselves in the beginning:

  • We were effectively able to perform energy transfers with tangible and measurable results.

  • These results were sufficiently clear to be observed scientifically, analyzed and often quantified.

  • These results have been sufficiently systematic and regular to conclude that they belong in the domain of research rather than the field of fantasy.

By echoing what Prof. Dr. Sir Master Luong Minh Dang exposes in his lectures, we can only hope that many other scientists will have the possibility to reproduce and to further continue these studies, which are still in the embryonic stage.

For us, the reality of UE's efficiency are now established on all levels:

  • On a personal level with energy transfers which we have been led to practice on ourselves and on our relatives;

  • On a scientific level, with the work we have exposed here.

We would advise scientists who may continue in this direction, to work with as much detachment as possible, because even though UE is totally in the field of scientific experimentation, countless parameters still remain to be identified. These parameters can basically be separated into two categories:

  • Biological, as we have abundantly demonstrated in this work,

  • Psychological (the state of mind that enables C6 and thought to operate).

Due to these factors, results may sometimes seem incoherent if they are not enlightened by sound judgment.


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