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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We are located in Kelseyville, California, a small town near Clear Lake, in Lake County. We have had goats for many years (MTN Meadow's & Lokie's Edda) with a herd size of 300+ head at one time while ranching in Lassen County, California. Although we don't personally show, many of our animals have done well over the years with some making Champion.

~Maximum Accepted Height Standards~
American Goat Society (AGS)
Bucks: 23.6 inches
Does: 22.4 inches

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (ndga)
Bucks: 23 inches
Does: 21 inches


Does, afternoon
September 2003

We have some does and doelings for sale.

To learn about the Nigerian Dwarf breed and it's development click on the Breed History below...

Nigerian Dwarf Breed History

Smileing goat
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