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By Gery Roif & Mike Morrow


Tampa(76-77), under Hiro Matsuda
Hiro Matsuda vs Terry Bollea
Merced Solis vs Terry Bollea
Paul Orndorff vs Terry Bollea

NWA Southeast(Alabama) 78-79
1978 Debut match (Florida, Autumn) - Super Destroyer(Bollea) over Robert Gibson
Super Destroyer(Bollea) vs Masked Superstar(Leon "Tarzan" Baxter) 
Terry Boulder over ??unknown job worker(7/78)Click here to view a clip of the match

Andre the Giant & Tarzan Baxter over Terry Boulder & Ox Baker
Andre the Giant over Terry Boulder(9/78)

That led to an Arm Wrestling match, where Terry bloodied Andre with an loaded elbow and he ans his manager Billy
     Spears destroy Andre with the table. 
Terry Boulder vs Ron Fuller(78)
Terry Boulder over Bob Armstrong(78)
Robert & Ron Fuller over Terry Boulder & Ox Baker(1/79) -1st face turn
In early 79 Terry has his first ever face turn. It was during an angle involving Ox Baker, Ron Fuller, and NWA champ
     Harley Race. Race had placed a bounty on Fuller so as to not to have to defend NWA World title against him. Baker &
     Terry Boulder had been having problems, shoving each other during tag matches after Boulder cost Baker a match, later
     during Bakers' match Ron Fuller came to the ring only to receive the heartpunch(move Baker was build on as even killing
     somebody with it). While Ox is beating up Fuller ,Boulder comes out to help Fuller and even carries him on his shoulder
     back to the dressing room. 
Terry Boulder over The Outlaw Tully Blanchard
[Thanks to Justin Sulting for the above match]
 Terry Boulder over The Mongolian Stomper
[Thanks to Justin Sulting for the above match]
Terry Boulder over NWA World Heavyweight champ Harley Race via DQ(1/79)
That night Fuller was booked to face Race for the NWA title, due to the heart punch was unabled and Terry took his
     place, in what was Terry`s first World title match. Due to Baker`s interference Terry won via DQ, but didn`t win the

Terry Boulder over NWA Alabama Southeatern Heavyweight champ Ox Baker for the title.(2/79)
Then around february or march Terry defeated Ox Baker for his first wrestling title, to become the SouthEastern
     Heavyweight champion recognized in Alabama. [Michael Calloway, who helped me with the Alabama-Knoxville, and
     was there in Dothan, Alabama to see these matches, can`t explain why Terry Boulder/Ox Baker/Austin Idol wheren`t
     recognized as SouthEast Heavyweight champs in Knoxville. However in the unofficial list they`re 100% recognized and
     there`s no doubt they were champs!] 
     Around June 1979 during an ongoing feud with Austin Idol,  Idol beat Terry after cheating him out and got the
     Southeastern title. 
Terry & Eddie Boulder vs Ox Baker & Austin Idol(79)

Terry Boulder over Jack Brisco via Count out
Thanks to Justin Sulting for the above match]
 Jack Brisco over Terry Boulder via pinfall
Thanks to Justin Sulting for the above match]
Austin Idol over NWA Southeastern Heavyweight champ Terry Boulder for the title(6/79)
NWA World Heavyweight champ Harley Race over Terry Boulder(7/79)

In july 1979 Terry received his 2nd World title match also against Harley Race, during the match Idol came down
     dressed up and flashed a camera in Terry`s face, allowing Race to nail Snake Eyes, followed by his top rope Head Butt for the 1-2-3.  [Who would`ve known Terry will remember this angle and will use it at KOTR 93]

7/23/79: Memphis, TN ; Terry & Eddie Boulder whipped Ron Bass & big Pete Austin [thanks Justin]

He was given the Sterling Golden (bigger,better,stronger
     and improved gorgeous george gimmick) and he fought Handicap matches and used the Sterling Squeeze Bear Hugg as
     his finisher.His major feud in NWA Georgia was against "Mr.USA" Tony Atlas.He was never pushed but his heel
     character was well protected. Terry offered $10,000 to every one who can break out of his Squeeze.

NWA Georgia 79(end)
Sterling Golden over Jerry Roberts (Jacques Rougeau)
 Sterling Golden over Chic Donovan (several matches)
 Sterling Golden over Jack Thor and Curtis Brazil (several matches)
 Sterling Golden over Curtis Brazil
Sterling Golden over 2 Masked Jobbers (submission)

 Sterling Golden over Mike Fever (more than once)
 Sterling Golden over Marvin Turner (more than once)
Thanks to "Justin Sulting" for the above 7  matches]

NWA Tennessee(Knoxville) 79-80
Sterling Golden over Dick Slater(12/79)
Sterling Golden over Toru Tanaka(12/79)
Sterling Golden over Austin Idol via DQ (at least twice)
Austin Idol over Sterling Golden via DQ or CO
Thanks to "Justin Sulting" for the above 2 matches]
Sterling Golden over NWA SouthEastern champ Dick Slater(12/1/79)

Bob Roop over NWA SouthEastern champ Hulk Hogan (12/79)

Sterling Golden over NWA SouthEastern champ Bob Roop(12/79)

Bob Armstrong over Sterling Golden to win the Southeastern title(1/80)

WWWF-WWF 79-81
11/13/1979 "Incredible" Hulk Hogan over Harry Valdez(WWWF Debut match) credit:
(The gimmick was the Hulk, the chest hair ain`t for nothing)
Hulk Hogan v Ted Dibiase(december 79)

Hulk Hogan v Frank Williams

Hulk Hogan over Tito Santana in Philly(1/12/80)

Hulk Hogan v Dominic DeNucci(2/9/80)
Hulk Hogan drew Andre the Giant*(8/2/80)-LA

Andre the Giant OVER Hulk Hogan**(8/9/80)(Showdown at shea)
Hulk Hogan v Jim Duggan(80)
Hulk Hogan v Fred Marzino & Angelo Gomez
Hulk Hogan v Steve King & Jorge Rosello
Hulk Hogan v Steve King & Angelo Gomez
Hulk Hogan v Paul Moret & Steamboat Larsen
Bob Backlund v Hulk Hogan(4/8/80)
Hulk Hogan v Rene Goulet(8/23/80)
Hulk Hogan v Dom DeNucci(12/18/80)

NO DQ: Andre v Hulk Hogan(10/12/80)
Hulk Hogan v Dominic DeNucci(2/14/81)
Hulk Hogan v Andre The Giant(3/21/81)

4/14/81 Philly Spectrum Hulk Hogan defeated Dominic DeNucci
[thanks Justin for above match]

Hulk Hogan over Tony Atlas, CO(4/18/81) CO result by Justin
[Justin says: 
There was a series of matches with count outs traded both ways.]

Bob Backlund v Hulk Hogan(5/10/81)

May or June 81 Tony Atlas over Hulk Hogan (pinfall)
Hogan would not be cleanly pinned again until 4/1/90 by Ultimate Warrior
[Thanks to Justin for the abive match and note]

New-Japan (80-81)
Bob Backlund over Hulk Hogan via DQ(5/30/80)
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Ox Baker & Johnny Powers(11/80) MSG Tag League-
Hulk Hogan & Paul Orndorff vs Antonio Inoki & Riki Choshu [thanks Justin]
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Kintaro Hoshino & Riki Choshu(11/80)MSG Tag
NWF Heavyweight champ Antonio Inoki over(13:19) Hulk Hogan November 3, 1980 
Kuramae Kokugikan (Sumo Hall), Tokyo [special thanks to Masanori Hori for that one ]
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Willem Ruska & Bad News Allen(11/80)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura(11/80)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Seiji Sakaguchi & Strong Kobayashi(12/80)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Tiger Jeet Singh & Umanosuke Ueda(12/80)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen over Andre the Giant & The Hangman(12/80)MSG Tag
5/22/81 ; Osaka, JAPAN: Inoki & Rhodes over. Hansen & Hogan via DQ
   Both Hansen and Hogan kept attacking Rhodes' arm until they lost via DQ. Tiger Jeet
   Singh was at the corner for Hansen, and he might have joined the team for the DQ. [Thanks Hisa Tanabe]
5/29/81 ; Takamatsu, JAPAN: Dusty Rhodes & Bob Backlund vs. Stan Hansen & Hulk Hogan- double co
[thanks Lucas of wrestlingclassics for above match]
Hulk Hogan -vs- Dusty Rhodes
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen vs Antonio Inoki & Bob Backlund
Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen vs Dino Bravo & Riki Choshu
Antonio Inoki & Bob Backlund over Hulk Hogan & Stan Hansen(12/10/80)MSG Tag finals 
at  Kuramae Kokugikan (old Sumo Hall)
Inoki pinned Hogan at 17'35" with a backsliding to win the 1st Annual Madison Square
                         Garden Tag Team League.
Sgt. Slaughter/Masked Superstar/Chris Adams v Tatsumi Fujinami/Antonio Inoki/Hulk Hogan-81
El Canek/Hulk Hogan vs Antonio Inoki/Tatsumi Fujinami (TV Time runs out). 
Sgt. Slaughter & Masked Superstar vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Hulk Hogan(81)
Hulk Hogan over Mike Masters in New Japan's MSG tournament (5/81)
Hulk Hogan over Chris Adams in New Japan's MSG tournament (5/81)
Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant vs Antonio Inoki & Seiji Sakaguchi
Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki vs Yoshiaki Yatsu & Riki Choshu [thanks Justin]
Riki Choshu-Yoshiaki Yatsu vs. Hulk Hogan-Mike Sharpe
Stan Hansen over Hulk Hogan(9:35 count out) in New Japan's MSG tournament.(5/10/81)
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo****
Hulk Hogan over Srg. Slaughter in New Japan's MSG tournament (5/81)

Hulk Hogan over Bobby Duncam in New Japan's MSG tournament (5/81)
Hulk Hogan over Ricky Choshu in New Japan's MSG tournament (28/5/81)
Hulk Hogan over Tatsumi Fujinami in New Japan's MSG tournament (6/81)
Hulk Hogan over Seigi Sakaguchi  in New Japan's MSG tournament.(6/81)
Tiger Jeet Singh over Hulk Hogan  in New Japan's MSG tournament(6/81)
Hamamatsu, Japan: 6/2/81: Hulk Hogan over Chris Adams [thanks Lucas]
Antonio Inoki over Hulk Hogan  in New Japan's MSG tournament(6/81)

Memphis 1981
Jerry Lawler over Hulk Hogan via DQ
After Jimmy Hart jumped in with his cane
[Click here to watch the match from Lawler`s site]

Steel Cage match ;Jerry Lawler NC Hulk Hogan

While still under contract to the WWF, Terry got a note from Sylvester Stallone,  It asked him to star in RockyIII. Then
     after his tour in japan, he was called by  Stallone himself and asked to fly to Los Angeles for the movie right away, the
     problem was that McMahon had booked Terry for that day for Charlotte, N.C. McMahon said he`d fire Terry if he
     wouldn`t show up, Terry didn`t show up and next thing you know he was down in Minneapolis, signing with Verne

AWA 81-83
Hulk Hogan over Dominic Denucci (2/14/81 Philadelphia Spectrum)
Hulk Hogan first turns face by saving Brad Rheingans from Jerry Blackwell
Hulk Hogan over Jerry Blackwell (bodyslam and pinfall victories)
 [Thanks to Justin Sulting for the above 2 matches]

Hulk Hogan vs Sonny Rogers(late 81), 1st match as face
Minneapolis, MN: 8/16/81 Hulk Hogan over Sonny Rogers & Chuck Greely [ WTCN television studio, AWA TV Debut]
9/06/81 Hulk Hogan creamed Chris Curtis
[Thanks to clawmaster64 of , Jim Melby, Don Luce and George Lentz and Justin Sulting for the above 2 matches]
Hogan over Jerry Blackwell (bodyslam and pinfall victories)
St. Paul Civic Center, Hulk Hogan over Jerry Blackwell
 Hogan and Brad Rheingans over Jerry Blackwell and ??
ThunderLips drew Rocky Balboa via Time Limit (Rocky III)
Hogan/Rashke/Zumhoff vs Patera/Duncum/Heenan(82)

Hogan/Gagne/Brunzell vs Patera/Ventura/Heenan(82)
Hulk Hogan over Jesse Ventura in an Arm Wrestling match

[Justin Sulting notes - Hogan wins several pinfalls over Ventura, suffers a few CO and DQ losses]
Hulk Hogan vs Adrian Adonis(10/17/82)
Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race (82)
Hulk Hogan over Mr. Saito(82)
Hulk Hogan over Mr. Saito / David Schultz(9.25.82), thanks to Justin Sulting for match date
he fueded with Mr. Saito and David
                 Shultz after Saito broke the IWGP Trophy over his head durring a
                 television interview.

Hulk Hogan & Andre The Giant vs Heanen/Duncam/Bockwinkel/Patera(11.7 & 11.12 & 11.26.82)
Hulk Hogan & Andre The Giant over AWA  champ, Nick Bockwinkel & Jesse Ventura
Hulk Hogan winns a Battle Royal to face the champ(82)
Hulk Hogan over AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel(04/18/82)
[thanks Justin for photo research ; source]
Hulk Hogan over Jesse Ventura(12/25/82)
Hulk Hogan over AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel by DQ(82)
Hulk Hogan over AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel by CO(82)
AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel over Hulk Hogan via DQ(1/83)
Hulk Hogan, Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell over Jesse Ventura, Ken Patera, Bobby Heenan (3/13/83)
Thanks to Justin Sulting for the above  match]
4/23/83 Nick Bockwinkel vs Hulk Hogan
[Research: Justin Sulting for above match, source:]

St. Paul, MN, AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel over Hulk Hogan (04/24/83)
after Hogan pinned Bockwinkel, decision was reversed
[read the titles page for info about the AWA title matches]

Here's a little kayfabe story 
Hogan was in Verne's office one day before he left, and Verne was going ballistic on Hogan from behind his
desk!!! Verne jumped over his desk an went at Hogan!!! Hogan grabbed Verne in a front face lock, and Verne couldn't get
out!!! Other office personal came in and tried to pull Hogan off Verne!!! Finally Hogan let go, Verne got up, his hair sticking
out on the sides like bozo the clown, and Verne said, Is that all you know is a front face lock Hogan, and Hogan replied, I
guess that's all I need to know to hold you down!!! True Story!!!  Source: Real Reality Check
Hogan quit the AWA, because Gagne, that greedy SOB, wanted % off Hulk`s earnings from New-Japan and WWF,
Gagne already had Hulk booked to win the big AWA belt, but since Hulk refused, the deal fell off, so another
reason why Hulkster should be recognized as a former AWA champ, he was booked for crying out loud!

Hulk Hogan, Buddy Rose vs Tatsumi Fujinami, Yoshiaki Yatsu(5/26/82)
Hulk Hogan vs Abdullah The Butcher(6/18/82)

Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan(7/6/82)
Antonio Inoki, Hulk Hogan vs Sgt.Slaughter, Eddie Boulder(8/27/82)
Hulk Hogan & Gran Hamada over El Canek & Pero Aguyo [10x Justin]
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Wayne Bridge & Young Simpson(11/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over El Canek & Perro Aguayo(11/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Adrian Adonis & Dino Bravo(11/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Andre the Giant & Rene Goulet(11/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Dick Murdoch & Masked Superstar(11/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Killer Khan & Tiger Toguchi(12/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Seiji Sakaguchi & Tatsumi Fujinami(12/82)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Killer Khan & Tiger Toguchi(12/10/82)MSG Tag finals
Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan(12/9/82)
Hulk Hogan, Seiji Sakaguchi vs Blackjack Mulligan, Killer Kahn(2/3/83)
Hulk Hogan defeats Killer Khan(5/6/83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan draws Antonio Inoki(5/20/83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan defeats Big John Studd(83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan DCO Andre the Giant(5/27/83)(83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan CO Rusher Kimura(83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan defeats Canek(83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan defeats Enruque Vera(83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan CO Otto Wanz(83 IWGP tourn.)
Hulk Hogan defeats Akira Maeda(5/30/83 IWGP tourn.)
Antonio Inoki, Akira Maeda vs Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd(6/1/83)
Hogan walks out on masked Studd(aka Captain USA) after Studd cheats
Hulk Hogan over Antonio Inoki to become the first IWGP Heavyweight champ!(06/02/83)
NWA Missouri Title Tournament-7/15/83
Hulk Hogan over Howard Jacobs
[Credit for above match: ;]
Hulk Hogan over Kortsia Korchenko (first round)
Hulk Hogan fought Jerry Blackwell to a Double Count Out
8/23/83: Mr. Saito vs. Hulk Hogan 
[Research by Justin Sulting for above match ; source:]
Andre The Giant & El Canek vs Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan
[Research by Justin Sulting for above match ; source:]
Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki over Otto Wanz & Wayne Bridge(11/83)MSG Tag League
Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki over Bobby Duncum & Curt Hennig(11/83)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki over Seiji Sakaguchi & Rusher Kimura(11/83)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki over Killer Khan & Tiger Toguchi(11/83)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki, Hulk Hogan over Tatsumi Fujianmi,Akira Maeda(12/7/83)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch(11/25/83)MSG Tag
Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki over Riki Choshu & Animal Hamaguchi(12/83)MSG Tag
Andre the Giant & Stan Hansen over Hulk Hogan & Antonio Inoki(12/83)MSG Tag
Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan over Adrian Adonis&Dick Murdoch(12/8/83)MSG Tag finals

On december 18th, Terry Bollea marries his girlfriend Linda, Inoki,Andre and pretty all the rosters attend
Hulk Hogan vs Akira Maeda(84)
Antonio Inoki, Akira Maeda vs Hulk Hogan, Mike Sharpe(2/3/84)
Hachinohe, JAPAN: 2/6/84: Tatsumi Fujinami & Akira Maeda over Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart[10x John&Justin]
Hulk Hogan vs Rusher Kimura(2/9/84)
Hulk Hogan & Mike Sharpe vs Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami(2/23/84)
Antonio Inoki vs Hulk Hogan(5/11/84)
Hulk Hogan, Masked Superstar vs Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch(5/18/84)
Riki Choshu, Masa Saito vs Hulk Hogan, Masked Superstar(6/11/84)
June 14, 1984 Kuramae Kokugikan, Tokyo '84 IWGP Tournament final:
WWF champ, Hulk Hogan DCO Antonio Inoki
Antonio Inoki CO WWF World champ Hulk Hogan to win the tournament.
[big thanks to Masanori for this ]

6/11/85 Tokyo Gym WWF World Heavyweight champ over Tatsumi Fujinami(11:04)
6/13/85 Aichi Prefectural Gym, Nagoya: 

IWGP Heavyweight champ Antonio Inoki over WWF champ Hulk Hogan(11:25 count out)
Riki Choshu & Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Hulk Hogan & Mike Sharpe(85)
Akira Maeda & Kengo Kimura & Antonio Inoki v Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart & Mike Sharpe(85)

14-01-84 Hogan/Backlund vs Fuji/Tiger Chun Lee
Jan 84: Hulk Hogan squashed Gil Guerrero
NY 1/23/84: Hulk Hogan over WWF champ  Iron Sheik for the title

PHI 2/18/84: Hulk Hogan v Masked Superstar
2/84: Hulk Hogan over Brutus Beefcake

NY 2/20/84: Hulk Hogan v Paul Orndorff

PHI3/84: Hulk Hogan v Iron Shiek
STL 4/84: CAGE MATCH: Hulk Hogan over John Studd

1984: Hulk Hogan v David Shultz

4/84: Hulk Hogan v Iron Shiek
5/84: Hulk Hogan v Paul Orndorff

1984: Hulk Hogan over Iron Mike Sharpe (pinfall) [thanks Justin]
New York, NY 7/23/84: Hulk Hogan over Greg Valentine(The Brawl to end it All)
(see the patented MSG exit sign behind them)
8/84 San Diego, CA: Hulk Hogan over Big John Studd

8/84 Landover Maryland: Paul Orndorff over Hulk Hogan (DQ)
[thanks KrisZ of wrestlingclassics board for above 2 matches]
LI 9/84: Hulk Hogan v Bob Orton
9/2/84 Mexico City, Mexico, WWF Champ Hulk Hogan drew UWA Champ El Canek [10xJustin]
9/84 Hulk Hogan over Jesse Ventura
1984: Hogan/Andre v Studd/Adonis/Murdoch

NY 10/17/84: Hulk Hogan over John Studd in $15000 Slam match

Hulk Hogan over Jerry Valiant
Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino over (possibly Black Jack Mulligan and John Studd, more than once)
Hogan pins Samoan Afa
 Hogan pins Samoan Sika
Thanks to "Justin Sulting" for the above 4 matches]
Hulk Hogan & Gene Okerlund over Mr.Fuji & George Steele
[Credit to for the Mean Gene match pix]
12/84 Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Snuka over Bob Orton & Don Muraco

12/84 Miami: Hulk Hogan over Brutus Beefcake [thanks KrisZ]
Hulk Hogan over George Steele
12/84 East Rutherford NJ (Meadowlands) Hulk Hogan beat John Studd by CO to retain his title[thanks KrisZ]
NY 2/18/85:WWF champ Hulk Hogan beat Roddy Piper via DQ.(War to settle score)MTV
2/85 Wetwood New Jersey: Hulk Hogan over Rowdy Roddy Piper (DQ) [thanks KrisZ]

Long Island, N.Y 5/10/85: Hulk Hogan over Bob Orton(SNME #1)
5/85: Hulk Hogan over Ken Patera to retain the World title
5/11/85 Uniondale NY Hogan over Bob Orton [thanks Justin]
5/??/85 Magnificent Muraco over Hulk Hogan (count out) [thanks Justin]
5/14/85: Hulk Hogan over Magnificent Muraco (DQ; Bob Orton run in) (thanks Justin Sulting for match ending)
5or6/85: Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Snuka over Magnificent Muraco & Cowboy Bob Orton(DQ;. Fuji run in) - thanks Justin
6/11/85:Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Hulk Hogan
6/21/85: CAGE MATCH: Hulk Hogan over Magnificent Muraco(leaves cage, bloody according to Justin)***
6/85: Hulk Hogan & Paul Orndorff v Roddy Piper & Bob Orton
OH 8/13/85:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan wrestled John Studd(Ohio State Fair Show)

9/15/85: Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy
Hulk Hogan over Ken Patera (DQ)
Hulk Hogan over Ken Patera (DQ) [thanks Justin]
10/5/85 East Rutherford NJ Hogan over Nikolai Volkoff [thanks Justin]
10/12/85: Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy
1985: Hulk Hogan over Rusty Brooks
Macho Man Randy Savage over Hulk Hogan (CO)

Macho Man Randy Savage over Hulk Hogan (CO) [thanks Justin]
Boston, MA. 10/85: champ Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage
Hulk Hogan over Tiger Chung Lee (pinfall)
Hulk Hogan over Moondog Spot (pinfall)
Hulk Hogan over Rusty Brooks (pinfall)
Hulk Hogan over Johnny Rodz (pinfall)
Hulk Hogan over The Missing Link (pinfall)
  -- Hogan blocks the green spit (like a Muta Mist), and rolls
     him up for the pin. [thanks Justin for above 5 matches]
East Rutherford, N.J 10/3/85: Hulk Hogan over Nikolai Volkoff(SNME #2)
Hershey, PA 11/2/85:Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant beat King Kong Bundy & John Studd via DQ.(snme #3)
11/7/85: HULK HOGAN over RODDY PIPER via DQ(Wrestling Classic)
12/7/85: Hulk Hogan over Terry Funk
1985: Hulk Hogan over Iron Shiek
Tampa, FL 1/4/86: Hulk Hogan over Terry Funk(SNME #4)
1/11/86:Hulk Hogan & Andre The Giant v King Kong Bundy, John Studd & Bobby Heenan
Phoenix, Arzna 2/15/86:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan beat Don Muraco via DQ.
(SNME #5) air date: 3/1
2/28/1986 Hulk Hogan over Jake Roberts
[Research by Justin Sulting for above match ; Source:]
PHI 3/30/86:Hulk Hogan & Ricky Steamboat v Magnificent Muraco, Mr. Fuji & John Valiant
Los Angeles, CA 4/5/86: champ Hulk Hogan over King Kong Bundy-cage match(WM II)
Providence,RI 5/1/86:Hulk Hogan & Junkyard Dog beat Terry & Dory Funk when Hogan pinned Funk.(SNME #6) air date: 5/3
PHI 6/28/86:Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy
PHI 7/26/86:Hulk Hogan v Adrian Adonis
Hulk Hogan & Paul Orndorff over the Moondogs Rex & Spot (pinfall) [thanks Justin]
  --Orndorff anounced this match on Adrian Adonis' Flower
    Shop segment. Adonis and Jimmy Hart were instigating
    an arguement over Hogan not taking an Orndorff phone
    call, because he was under the squat wrack. Orndorff
    hogs much of the ring action, and wins the match
    almost single handedly.
"The Great Betrayal" Hulk Hogan & Paul Orndorff over Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy (DQ)
  -- Orndorff is visibly upset about the phone call incident in
      a pre match promo. During the match, Hogan slams 
      Studd, and it appears as if Orndorff is jealous. Orndorff
      turns on Hogan, and rejoins the Heenan family. [thanks allot to Justin]

Toronto 8/28/86:WWF  Champ Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorff via DQ.(The Big Event)

Richfield,OH 9/13/86:WWF Champ Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorff via DQ.(SNME #7)
NY 9/22/86:Hulk & Machines(Andre & Masked Superstar) vs Bundy & Studd & Heanen
Los Angleles,CA 11/15/86:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan pinned Hercules Hernandez (SNME #8) air date: 11/29
CT 12/14/86:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorff (15:00) in a "steel cage" (SNME #9) air date: 1/3/87
Detroit. MI 2/21/87: Was eliminated in a Battle Royal that Hercules won(SNME #10) air date: 3/14/87
Hulk Hogan/George Steele over Randy Savage/Adrian Adonis
mid 86; Big John Studd over WWF champ, Hulk Hogan via count out
(in this match Studd injured Hulk`s knee causing a surgery)
1/19/87: Hulk Hogan v Kamala
NY, 1/13/87: HULK HOGAN vs KAMALA ( No DQ match)
Springfield, MA, 2/87: Hulk Hogan over Kamala 
2/87, Philly Spectrum: Hulk Hogan over Kamala
MI 2/21/87:Was in a battle royal, was aliminated.(SNME)
Pontiac, MI 3/29/87: champ Hulk Hogan over Andre the Giant (WM III)

Philly Spectrum, 3/14/87  Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper over Kamala & Paul Orndorff 
3/29/87: champ HULK HOGAN over ANDRE THE GIANT

MA, 6/6/87: HULK HOGAN vs HARLEY RACE (Texas Death Match)
Baltimore 8/29/87 Hulk Hogan&Bruno Sammartino over One Man Gang&King Kong Bundy
Thanks to the Boss for sending in the Bruno match
Houston,TX 8/28/87:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan pinned One Man Gang
(Paul Boesch Retirement show)
9/23/87: WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan pinned Sika (10:00)(SNME #12) air date: 10/3
Seatle 11/11/87:King Kong Bundy beat WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan (9:00) via countout (SNME  #13) air date
Richfield, OH ;11/26/87: Survivor Series 87- Elimination match
Andre the Giant & One Man Gand & Butch Reed & King Kong Bundy over
WWF champHulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow & Ken Patera & Don Muraco &Paul Orndorff
Hogan was counted out when brawling on the outside, then Bundy and Andre squashed Bigelow to get the win.
87 fall ; Pennsylvania: Hulk Hogan over Bret Hart via pinfall
The match was supposed to be a tag team match between the newly formed Megapowers team of
Hogan and Randy Savage and WWF Tag Team Champions, Hart and Jim Neidhart. When Savage did not show for the
match, it became a Hogan-Hart singles match.
Research: Justin Sulting ; Source: John ( for the above match]
Landover ,MD 12/7/87:WWF Champ Hulk Hogan pinned King Kong Bundy.
(SNME #14) air date: 1/2/88
12/87: Hulk Hogan over One Man Gang
Indianapolis, IN 02/05/88: Andre the Giant pinned Hulk Hogan (9:05) to win the WWF World Title.[tme] LIVE from NBC
[This is the infamous Hebner switch, even though Hogan had his shoulder up the reff, Earl Hebner(who had long hair in the NWA) was paid by DiBiase to do the job. Andre gave DiBiase the title, and shortly thereafter the title was vacated, to be decides at WM IV the champion of tournament`s winner]
Here`re comments from Dave Meltzer at the time, and also from John McAdam:
from the NBC Prime-Time special- featuring what I consider the single
greatest wrestling finish of all time: The ref (Dave Hebner) is knocked down, but recovers to count a
questionable Andre pinfall- Andre is crowned the new WWF champion, and the camera goes back to
the referee-and there are TWO Dave Hebner's standing in the ring arguing! The storyline goes that Ted Dibiase had someone get plastic surgery to pose as Dave Hebner to secure the WWF title. (In fact, Hebner has a twin brother). Hogan, McMahon, and Ventura do an incredible job acting and explaining to get this bizarre angle over. Folks, it's a lot better than it sounds here- I know many of you have already seen this but if you haven't this is truly a MUST SEE!! 
PA 2/6/88:Hulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow v Ted Dibiase & Andre The Giant(night)
MA:2/6/88:Hulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow v Ted Dibiase & Andre The Giant (afternoon)
Nashville,TN 3/7/88:Hulk Hogan pinned Harley Race (8:00).SNME #15 air date: 3/12
Atlantic City, N.J ; 3/27/88 : Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant went to a Double DQ (WM IV)
4/88, Philly Spectrum: Hulk Hogan & Ken Patera over Harley Race & Hercules

You've heard about it in hushed circles. Someone on a message board once whispered something about it, softly, so as not to
draw attention. And's here. 
Yes, folks, that piece of crap that Hogan's wearing on top of his head is not a hoax. Not a hallucination. It is real. It is fact. 
And it is the stupidest headpiece this side of Moose Cholak 
Hogan, ever the fasion trend-setter, began wearing this helmet back in the bygone year of 1988. It didn't last long. It wasn't a
merchandise item. The Man of Orange actually wore that thing to the ring for a short time. 
Anyone else see its resemblance to those padded helmets that mentally challenged children wear? 
By mmv3000 from the WC board.
Milwaukee 7/31/88:Hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant in a "steel cage" match.(Wrestlefest '88)
New York, NY 8/29/88:Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage over Andre the Giant & Ted DiBiase
With Jesse Ventura as the special guest referee (Summer Slam)
9/10/88: HULK HOGAN vs TED DIBIASE, Boston
LA 10/16/88 :HULK HOGAN vs HAKU
Baltimore,MD 10/25/88:Hulk Hogan pinned Haku (5:53).(SNME#17 ) aired 10/29
Richfield, OH ;11/24/88: Survivor Series 88  Elimination match
Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage & Hercules &  Koko B. Ware & Hillbilly Jim over
Ted DiBiase & Big Boss Man & Haku & Akeem & Terry"Red Rooster"Taylor
12/3/88:HULK HOGAN vs BIG BOSSMAN, Boston
Tampa,FL 12/7/88: Hulk Hogan beat Akeem (6:30) via DQ.(SNME #19) aired 1/7/89
Houston, TX 1/15/89 Big Bossman and Akeem eliminated Hulk Hogan (Royal Rumble)
Milwaukee, WI 2/3/89:Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage beat Akeem & Big Boss Man (22:00)  [tme 2] LIVE FROM nbc
This is the infamous match that broke the Mega Powers, with Liz getting hurt and Hogan carrying her to
the back and Savage nailing him there later with the belt.
Hershey,PA 2/16/89:Hulk Hogan pinned Bad News Brown (9:00).SNME #20 aired 3/11
Atlantic City, N.J ; 4/2/89 Hulk Hogan over champ Randy Savage for the title (WM V)
Des Moines, IA 4/25/89:Champ Hulk Hogan beat Big Boss Man in a "steel cage" match. (SNME #21) aired 5/27
This is the infamous match where Hogan superplexed Bossman off the top of the cage.
Hartford, CT 6/89: Randy Savage over Hulk Hogan via Count Out(thanks to Chris Corridan for this match)
Worcester,MA 7/18/89:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan pinned Honkytonk Man (6:00) .[snme #22] aired 7/29
East Rutherford, N.J ; 8/28/89:Hulk Hogan & Beutus Beefcake over Randy Savage & Zeus
(Summer Slam 89)
Springfield, Mass 8/29/89:Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage(wwf challenge-dark match)
Cincinnati, OH 9/21/89 champ Hulk Hogan over Ted DiBiase (SNME #23) aired 10/14
Toledo, OH ; 10/02/89 ; champ Hulk Hogan over Roddy Piper
Thanks to Jeff Shadbolt who was on hand & saw it live for this match

London, ENGLAND 10/10/89 champ Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage

Topeka, KS 10/31/89:Lanny Poffo beat Champ Hulk Hogan (7:44) via countout.
[snme #24] aired 11/25
Rosemont, IL ; 11/23/89 Survivor Series 89 Elimination match
Hulkamaniacs:Hulk Hogan & Jake Roberts & Demolition over
Million $ Team:Ted DiBiase & Zeus & Powers of Pain --> Hulkster pinned DiBiase to win
12/12/89:Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake beat Randy Savage & Zues (9:32) in a "steel cage" (No Holds Barred-movie shown on PPV, along with the match) aired on 12/27

Springfield, Mass 12/9/89:Curt Hennig over Hulk Hogan via Count Out(house show)
Chattanooga, TN 1/3/90:Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior beat Mr. Perfect & Lanny Poffo (7:51)[snme #25] aired 1/27
Orlando 1/21/90:HULK HOGAN WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE eliminating Mr. Perfect 
Detroit,MI 2/23/90:WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage (11:14)[me 3]
2/90:HULK HOGAN vs DINO BRAVO(Warrior makes save, and they argue)
2/90:HULK HOGAN vs MR. PERFECT(same)
(Warrior tries to save again, hitts Hogan by mistake and they come to blows)
2/23/90 Detroit, MI, champ Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage LIVE ON NBC(TME III)
Boxing Champion Buster Douglas was the special guest referee
Toronto 4/1/90:ULTIMATE WARRIOR over champ HULK HOGAN for the title (WM VI)
Tokyo, JAPAN ; 4/13/90: HULK HOGAN over STAN HANSEN(12:30) **** 1/4
(Wrestling Summit)
Austin,TX 4/23/90:Hulk Hogan pinned Mr. Perfect (7:58).[snme #26] aired 4/28
Springfield, Mass 4/27/90 Hulk Hogan over Earthquake via DQ(house show)
5/90 HULK HOGAN appears on the "Brother Love" show, and is attacked by The Earthquake. This is the infamous attack that put him out for 4 months to make a Subarban Comando with the Undertaker, Bollea`s own personal choice for Bounty Hunter #1.

Philadelphia, PA ;8/27/90:HULK HOGAN over EARTHQUAKE via count out
(Summer Slam 90)

Toledo,OH 9/18/90:Hulk Hogan & Tugboat beat Greg Valentine & Honkytonk Man (7:30) via DQ.(SNME #28) aired 10/13
Hartford, CN 11/22/90: two Survivor Series 90 Elimination matches:
Hulkamaniacs: Hulk Hogan & Jim Duggan & Big Bossman & Tugboat over
Natural Disasters: Earthquake & Dino Bravo & Haku & Barbarian-->Hulk beat Barbarian to survive
Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior & Tito Satnata over Ted DiBiase & Rick Martel & Warlord &
Power Glory
12/8/90:Earthquake over Hulk Hogan via CO 
1/91:Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior battled The Undertaker & Sgt. Slaughter

According to Terry, he didn`t want the title, after all, he passed the Torch to Warrior, but it was Vince who begged him,
because with the Warrior the WWF wasn`t as half succesful as it was with the Hulkster.
Miami, FL 1/19/91 Hulk Hogan won the Royal Rumble eliminating Earthquake
Macon,GA 1/28/91:Hulk Hogan & Tugboat beat Earthquake & Dino Bravo (8:56)[tme5] air 2/1
Los Angeles 3/24/91:HULK HOGAN over champ Srg.Slaughter for the title(WM VII)
3/30/91: Tokyo Dome L.O.D(Hawk&Animal) over Hulk Hogan & Gen-ichiro Tenryu(Hawk [14:03 count out] Hulk) (Wrestlefest) [thanks alot to Masanori for info about this match as well]

Hulk Hogan & Kensuke Sasaki over LOD (CO)

4/1/91: WWF CHAMP HULK HOGAN over YOSHIAKI YATSU(7:14) (Hyogo)
Omaha,NE 4/15/91:Mr. Perfect won the Battle Royal [snme #29] aired 4/27
London, ENGLAND ; 4/24/91 ; champ Hulk Hogan over Srg. Slaughter(UK Rampage)
4-5/91:Hulk Hogan over Typhoon
MSG 6/3/91:Desert Storm match: champ, Hulk Hogan over Srg.Slaughter ***1/5
6/30/91: HOGAN & DUGGAN vs SLAUGHTER & MUSTAFA, Providence, RI
New York, NY ; 8/26/91:Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior over Srg.Slaughter & Col.Mustafa & Gen.Adhan (Summer Slam 91)
10/23/91 Dayton, OH Ric Flair over Hulk Hogan via CO
[Thanks to my man Richard Ochoa for this match] as it`s the first Hulk-Natch meeting in the WWF

10/25/91: HULK HOGAN over RIC FLAIR, Oakland, CA
(Flair pins Hogan with brass knuckles, referee reverses to DQ win for Hogan.) thanks Justin for match ending

Springfield, Mass 11/13/91:Hulk Hogan over Ric Flair via DQ(wwf chalange ; M.E dark match)
New Haven, CT 11/12/91:Hulk Hogan over Undertaker by Pinfall(wwf sstars dark match)

11/15/91: HULK HOGAN over RIC FLAIR, San Francisco, CA [same finish as Oaklund]
Detroit, MI ; 11/27/91:UNDERTAKER over HULK HOGAN for the title (Survivor Series 91)
MSG 11/30/91:HULK HOGAN battled RIC FLAIR 4****1/5
San Antonio, TX;12/3/91:Hulk Hogan over the Undertaker to regain the title for the 4th time (Teusday in Texas)
Tokyo, Japan 12/12/91:Hulk Hogan over Genichiro Tenryu(13:57) (SuperWrestle)
12/28/91:HULK HOGAN over RIC FLAIR 3 1/5**
1/11/92: HULK HOGAN over RIC FLAIR, Philadelphia via CO, PA 4**
Springfield, Mass 1/17/92: Hulk Hogan over Jake Roberts(house show)
Lubbock, 1/27/92:Hulk Hogan & Sid Justice beat Ric Flair & The Undertaker (11:09) via DQ.[snme #30] aired 2/8
2/92: Hulk Hogan over the Warlord
Indianapolis, IN ;4/5/92:HULK HOGAN over SID JUSTICE via DQ(WM VIII)
Papa Shango(Sharlie Wright) aka known as the WWF`s Godfather today, was supposed to get the DQ, but came late and Sid had to kick out from the Big patented Legdrop for the first time. The save was made by the returning Ultimate Warrior.
3/93:HULK HOGAN & BRUTUS BEEFCAKE over The Beverly Brothers
Las Vegas, NV ;4/4/93:tag champs Money Inc. over Mega Maniacs by DQ(WM IX)

Las Vegas, NV; 4/4/93:HULK HOGAN over new champ YOKOZUNA for the title
Fukuoka, JAPAN 5/3/93: WWF champ, HULK HOGAN over IWGP champ GREAT MUTA(15:55)
(Wrestling Dontaku '93) 3***3/4 by Big Boot, followed by Axe Bomber Lariato 
(Muta kicked out earlier from the Legdrop, Hogan kicked out from the Muta Moonsault)
Philly, PA: 5/22/93 Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake over WWF Tag Team champs Money Inc by DQ with Srg.Slaughter as special guest referee.[Thanks to Chris McKittrick for this match]
Dayton, OH ;6/13/93:YOKOZUNA over champ HULK HOGAN for the title (King of the Ring 93)
Beforekicking out from the Bellt2Belly,Hulking gup
Frankfurt, Germany ; 7/93: Hulk Hogan over Yokozuna via count out.
Dortmund, Germany ;7/30/93:HULK HOGAN beat YOKOZUNA(via count out)(last match in WWF)

New-Japan  93-94
Fakuoka, JAPAN ; 9/23/93: Hulk Hogan & Great Muta over Kansuke Sasaki(Power) & Kawk
Muta mist followed by Hogan Lariato on Sasaki, double leg hook, weight overhead pinfall. 
Post match bitterness, no hand shake.

9/26/93: Keiji Mutoh vs Hulk Hogan

Tokyo, JAPAN ;1/4/94 ;Hulk Hogan over Tatsumi Fujinami (13:33)(Battlefield) via Lariato
Fujinami kicked out of the Legdrop earlier, shake hands post match

Turner literally begged Terry to sign, while he was filming Thunder in Paradise, Terry refused
several times, since he was finished with wrestling after Vince said "Terry didn`t say the truth" at the steroid trial, so bring closure(i.e) making and breaking the star Hulk Hogan, but Turner promised 4M, half time wrestler
and full time actor, which was a good deal for Terry, since he wanted to act, so he agreed!
Orlando,FL 7/17/94:Hulk Hogan over WCW champ Ric Flair for the title 
(Bash at the Beach 94) 
Hulk Hogan & Sting over The Bruise Brothers (Ron & Don Harris). The match lasted less than 1 minute. Hogan scored the pinfall,
and Sting had a Scorpion Deathlock on for good measure. This was the Harris Brother's "get lost" match from WCW. They soon
entered the WWF as Jacob & Eli Blu. [10x Justin]
Cedar Rapids,8/24/94: Ric Flair over WCW champ Hulk Hogan by count-out(clash XXVIII)
Oakland CA;10/15/94:Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair(fans boo Hogan)Hogan works well in here
Anaheim CA;10/16/94:Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair(fans boo Hogan here too)they just boo!
Detroit,MI 10/23/94:Cage/Retirement Match: WCW champ Hulk Hogan over Ric Flair (Halloween Havoc 94) Mr. T is the special guest referee
Jacksonvile, FL ;11/16/94:champHulk Hogan & Sting over Kevin Sullivan & Avalanche & The Butcher(clash xxix) Mr. T served as special guest referee here as well.
Nashville,TN 12/27/94: WCW champ Hulk Hogan over The Butcher (starcade 94) DUD
01/25/95 Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage over The Butcher & Kevin Sullivan
Las Vegas, NV 1/26/95:champ Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage over Kevin Sullivan & The Butcher(clash xxx)
02/05/95 Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs Butcher & Avalanche
??champ Hulk Hogan over Paul Orndorff(world wide)
RIC FLAIR & VADER lost to DOS AMIGOS(masked Hogan & Savage)
Baltimore,MD 2/19/95: WCW champ Hulk Hogan over US champ Vader by DQ (SuperBrawl 95)
Tupelo,MS 3/19/95:Strap Match: WCW champ Hulk Hogan over Vader even though Hogan dragged Ric Flair around the 4 corners.(Uncensored)
St. Petersburg, FL 5/21/95:champ Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage over US champ Vader & Ric Flair (Slamboree 95)
02/25/95 Hulk Hogan CO Big Van Vader
02/26/95 Hulk Hogan CO Big Van Vader
 03/19/95 Hulk Hogan over Big Van Vader
St. Petersburg;5/21/95 Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage over Vader & Ric Flair (Slamboree 95)
07/16/95; Huntington Beach: champ Hulk Hogan over Vader in a cage match 
(Bash at the Beach 95)
Daytona Beach ;8/6/95:WCW champ Hulk Hogan over Kamala by DQ(clash XXXI)
09/04/95:HULK HOGAN over BIG BUBBA ROGGERS(debut episode of Nitro)
09/11/95 Mall Of America, champ Hulk Hogan over the returning Lex Luger via DQ
(This was the 2nd episode of Monday Nitro, going for the 2nd time against WWF Raw)
Thanks to Steven Marshall of Leeds fr the correction
Asheville,NC 9/17/95:champ-Hogan/Savage/Sting/Luger over Meng/Zodiac/Kamala/The Shark (Fall Brawl 95, War Games Steel Cage match)
Detroit,MI 10/29/95:Hulk Hogan over the Giant in a Monster Trucks match(Halloween Havoc 95)
Detroit,MI 10/29/95: The Giant over WCW champ Hulk Hogan by DQ
The following night on monday Nitro, we found out that Jimmy Hart signed a contract where you can win the title via DQ as well, thus turning on the Hulkster.
11/20/95:HULK HOGAN NC STING after the Dungeon jumped in(NitroME)
Norfolk,VA 11/26/95: Randy Savage won the 3 Ring World War III, tus winning the vacant title, when eliminated One Man Gang, but reffere didn`t see the Giant pull the Hulkster underneath the ropes.(World War III 95`)
11/27/95, Hulk Hogan over Hugh Morrus(Nitro ME)
12/11/95:HULK HOGAN & STING over RIC FLAIR & ARN ANDERSON Nitro ME(loud Hogan sucks in Charlotte)
1/1/96 Atlanta:HULK HOGAN NC RIC FLAIR(Nitro ME))
1/15/96:Hulk Hogan over Meng(Nitro)
1/22/96:HULK HOGAN over ONE MAN GANG(Nitro)
Las Vegas, 1/23/96:Ric Flair & The Giant over WCW champ Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan(clash XXXII)
1/29/96:RIC FLAIR over HULK HOGAN when nailed Hogan with Liz`s high heel shoe in the eye
answer match to McMahon`s Billionere Ted skits!(Nitro opener)
St Petersburg,Fl 2/11/96:Cage match:Hulk Hogan over The Giant(SuperBrawl 96)(huge Hogan sucks chants)
2/12/96: Arn Anderson over Hulk Hogan when AA nailed Hogan with a shoe again ripping Vince`s skits!

credit to for the aa-hulk match pix.
2/19/96: Arn Anderson over Hulk Hogan via DQ(Nitro) when ref thought Sullivan interfered on Hulk`s behalf
2/27/96:Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage & Booty Man vs Ric Flair & Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan(Nitro)
In this match there was a spot where Liz(in the heel`s corner), tries to hand cuff Hogan to the ring post,- can`t and Hogan has to cuff himself, and the idiot camera man shoots the blooper as if he couldn`t turn the cam away! One of the funniest moments in history!
3/16/96:Shark & Barbarian over Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage via DQ(Saturday Night)Wow, he worked saturday!
3/11/96:Lumberjack match: Ric Flair & Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan NC
Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage & Booty Man(Nitro)
Lumberjacks where:Loch Ness, Giant, Dallas Page, Faces of Fear, Road Warriors, Steve 
Regal, Dave Taylor, Bobby Eaton and Konan.
Tupelo, MS,3/24/96 Doomsday Cage match: Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage over Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Meng, Barbarian, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Z Gangsta , Ultimate Solution.
(Uncensored 96) The worst and most stupid match in history of pro wrestling, Terry`s own personal idea,
if you make a triple cage concept, then why in the hell would you go to the ring? Geez!
4/1/96: Hulk Hogan & Booty Man over Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan(Nitro) Page watched Kim  kiss  Eddy
Charleston, WV 4/15/96 ; Winner gets manager match:
Hulk Hogan(w/Booty Girl Kimberly Page) over Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan (w/Jimmy Hart & Miss Elizabeth and Nancy"Woman"Sullivan) via DQ. Hogan told the Giant he is "big, nasty and wart infested" Wow, that should`ve been censored :)
Daytona Beach, FL 7/7/96 Kevin Nash & Scott Hall battled Randy Savage, Lex Luger, & Sting to a no-contest when Hulkster entered the arena and turned heel on the fans joining Hall & Nash. Revealing himself as the 3rd man.
He pins Savage, making him the one who made the 2 hottest angles in the history of the sport not including the HBK-Bret match due to it being a legit screw job!The first angle is when he lost the WWF title to Andre! back in 88 (Bash at the Beach 96 )
Sturgis,SD 8/10/96 Hulk Hogan over WCW champ The Giant for the title (Hogg Wild)
Denver, CO 8/15/96:WCW US champ Ric Flair over WCW/nWo champ Hulk Hogan by DQ (clash XXXIII)
Winston-Salem,NC 9/15/96 War Games: ( Fall Brawl 96)
Team nWo:champ,"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan & Scott Hall & Kevin Nash & nWo Sting
over  Team WCW:Arn Anderson & Lex Luger & Ric Flair & Sting when Luger gave up.
Note that WCW didn`t believe Sting, and this is where the new crow gimmick came up,
if  you ignore Borden`s contract issues.
Las Vegas,NV 10/27/96:WCW champ Hulk Hogan over Randy Savage (HalloweenHavoc 96) 
After this match Roddy Piper returned to WCW and confronted Hogan, putting him on top of faces of WCW
Nashville.TN 12/29/96:Non-Title Match: Roddy Piper over WCW champ Hulk Hogan (Starrcade 96)
At previous PPV-World War III(11/24/96) Hogan and Piper signed a contract for this match, where the nWo ended up attacking Piper, exposing his stitched up hip and all.
01/13/97;New Orleans, LA ; Giant over champ, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan via DQ.(Nitro)
01/20/97;Chicago, IL Lex Luger over champ, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, via DQ(Nitro dark match)
Cedar Rapids, 1/25/97:The Giant no contest champ Hollywood Hogan(nwo souled out)
1/27/97:Giant over champ Hollywood Hogan via DQ
San Francisco,CA 2/23/97: champ-Hulk Hogan over Roddy Piper. (SuperBrawl 97)
[Macho Man cane back and turned nWo, costing Piper the win, after handing Hogan bruss knux]
North Charleston,SC 3/16/97:Steel Cage Elimination Match:
Team nWo - Hollywood Hogan/The Outsiders/Macho Man Randy Savage over 
Team WCW - The Giant /Lex Luger/The Steiner Brothers and over 
Team Piper - Roddy Piper/Steve McMichael/Jeff Jarrett/Chris Benoit (Uncensored 97)
With help from Dennis Rodman, Hogan beat Luger thus winning the match for his team.
4/11/1997 Montreal Quebec, CANADA :JAQUES ROUGEAU over HULK HOGAN
6/9/97 Lex Luger over champ Hollywood Hogan though not the title
Chicago 6/16/98 champ-Hogan/Rodman and Giant/Luger went to a No Contest(nitro`s M.E)
Daytona7/13/97:Giant/Lex Luger over champ Hollywood Hogan & Dennis Rodman
(Bash at the Beach 97)
Detroit 8/5/97:Lex Luger over champ Hollywood Hogan for the title (Nitro M.E)
Stargis 8/9/97:Hollywood Hogan over champ Lex Luger for the title (Road Wild 97)
Las Vegas 10/26/97:Non title Cell match:Roddy Piper over champ Hollywood Hogan (Halloween Havoc 97)
10/27/97San Diego:Non title match:Diamond Dallas Page over Hollywood Hogan via DQ-Nitro
Saginaw 11/24/97:Giant beat champ Hollywood Hogan via DQ(nitro main event)
After a 12/01/97 Nitro promo in Knoxville, Hogan got the snot slapped out of him by this lady. In real life, the Knoxville promoters always give her free tickets, she has been a wrestler in the 40s but retired due injury. According to some people she helped the Hulkster during his days in Knoxville in 79.
Here`s what Wild Red Herring had to say about this on the wrestlingclassics board:
Mighta been Beluah in Knoxville. She had actually trained to be a worker back in the 40's or whatever,
                    but had to give it up due to an injury. She's a smart who never broke kayfabe to the point that people
                    thought she was just some dumb old mark. Think she usta cook big Sunday dinners for the boys.
                    Hogan mighta been an old friend from his days working the territory.
                    I also remember some old bat in Iowa nailing Hogan (who was the babyface) when he wrestled Flair
                    (heel) at a Clash in 1994. The announcers didn't call it, so I'm guessing it was a shoot.
Another note from Charlie of ddtdigest:
Another note, Hogan's painted on beard is much darker in person. The lady he was arguing with in the stands has that
     same seat at every show in Knoxville. Her head was on camera most of the show. She must know the promoters. Doug
     Dellenger constantly talked to her during commercial breaks and the Sting mask that was slapped away from her was
     given back later in the show. Charlie has established a friendship with her as they are two of the craziest fans in
Washington 12/28/97:Sting over champ-Hollywood Hogan for the title(Starrcade 97)
Bret Hart made the call
Baltimore 12/29/97:champ Sting over Hollywood Hogan(nitro`s main event-half dark)**
Before falling in Hulkster`s crotch, hilarious spot
Atlanta 1/5/98: champ Sting & Lex Luger over Hollywood Hogan & Randy Savage(Nitro dark)
New Orleans 1/19/98 The Giant over Hollywood Hogan(nitro main event)
Boston-1/31/98 Steel Cage match-Sting over Hollywood Hogan(Boston Brawl)*
El Paso, TX:2/9/98 Randy Savage over Hollywood Hogan by DQ(Nitro ME)
Tampa2/16/98:Sting/Lex Luger over feuding Hollywood Hogan and Randy SavageDQ(Nitro ME)
CA 2/22/98 Sting over Hollywood Hogan for the vacant WCW Heavyweight title (SuperBrawl 98)
Louisville 2/23/98:Handicap match:Giant over Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash via DQ
Phily 3/2/98: Sting & Randy Savage over Hollywood Hogan & Scott Hall(nitro`s main event)
Salem,NC 3/9/98:Hogan/Hall & Nash over Savage/champ Sting/Giant(nitro`s M.E)
Mobile,AB 3/15/98 Steel Cage match Hogan and  Savage wrestled to a No Contest
(Uncensored 98)
Panama City 3/16/98:champ-Sting &Luger over HollywoodHogan?&?RandySavage(NME)
Denver 04/19/98 Bat Match: Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash over Roddy Piper& Giant
(Spring Stampede 98)
Colorado Springs 04/20/98 Hollywood Hogan over champ Randy Savage for the title (nitro M.E) Savage worked a great match with an injured knee-torn ACL.
During the match, Nash, who got  clocked the night before by partner Hogan, Power Bombed him and put Savage up top, but then Bret Hart nailed Nash with the belt and put Hogan on top for the 1-2-3, in the classic heel title win way.
Kansas City 5/11/98 champ Hollywood Hogan over Randy Savage(nitro M.E)
Providence, RI 5/18/98 Randy Savage & Roddy Piper over champ Hollywood Hogan & Bret Hart (nitro dark match)
Washington 6/1/98Kevin Nash & Lex Luger over champ Hollywood Hogan & Giant(nitroME)
Baltimore 6/14/98 champHollywood Hogan & Bret Hart over Randy Savage &Roddy Piper-gab
Buffalo, NY 6/11/98:Kevin Nash & Lex Luger over champ, Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart 
3rd Annual Ilio DiPaolo Memorial show(credit-Bob Ryder)
Baltimore 6/14/98 champHollywood Hogan & Bret Hart over Randy Savage &Roddy Piper
Great American Bash 98
Atlanta 7/6/98 Bill Goldberg over champ Hollywood Hogan for the title(nitro M.E)
San Diego 7/12/98 Hollywood Hogan/Dennis Rodman over DDP/Karl Malone
Bash at the Beach 98

Las Vegas 7/13/98 Hollywood Hogan battled Scott Hall to a No Contest(nitro)
San Antonio 7/27/98 Diamond Dullas Page over Hollywood Hogan via DQ(nitro`s main event)
Sturgis 8/8/98 DDP & Jay Leno over Hollywood Hogan & Eric Bischoff(Road Wild 98)

Chicago 8/24/98 champ Bill Goldberg/Kevin Nash over Hollywood Hogan/Giant(nitro`s M.E)
Miami 8/31/98 Sting & Lex Luger over Hollywood Hogan & U.S champ Bret Hart(nitro`s M.E)
Winston-Salem 9/13/98 DDP beat Stevie Ray at the Wargames  cage match with Warrior,Hitman,Piper,Nash,Sting,Luger,Hogan being in it.
Fall Brawl 98
Rochester, NY 9/28/98 Hollywood Hogan over U.S champ Bret Hart via DQ, followed by Sting over Hollywood Hogan via DQ(2 match main event)!
Bret Hart fakes an injury, Sting took his place, Bret came back and turned on Sting.
Chicago, 10/12/98 Warrior & Sting over Hollywood Hogan & U.S champ Bret Hart via DQ.
Las Vegas 10/25/98 Hollywood Hogan over The Warrior by Pinfall(before Main Event) 1:1
Atlanta 01/04/99 Hollywood Hogan over WCW world champ Kevin Nash for the title(NME)
Nash laid down for the pin as Hogan,Nash,Hall,Steiner and Luger reformed the nWo, this time red&black Wolfpack.
Dallas 01/25/99 Ric(WHOOO BY GOD) Flair & Chris Benoit & Steve(please get his sorry @$$ out of the Horsemen) McMichael over WCW world champ Hollywood Hogan & Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner via DQ.
Tampa, FL 02/15/99 WCW U.S Heavyweight champ Roddy Piper over WCW World champ, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, via DQ.
Oakland, CA 02/21/99, WCW World Heavyweight champ, Hollywood Hulk Hogan beat the Nature Boy Ric Flair. (SuperBrawl 99)
Louisville, KY 03/14/99(Uncensored M.E) Ric Flair defeated WCW World Heavyweight champion, Hollywood Hulk Hogan in a match setting Hulkamania`s return via pinfall, to become the 17 times World Wrestling champ.
Cincinnati, OH 03/15/99 WCW World Heavyweight champ, Ric Flair and Goldberg vs HollywoodHulk Hogan & Kevin Nash resulted in a no-contest.(NME)
Lexington, KY 03/18/99 HollywoodHulk Hogan beat Curt Hennig in the main event with Hulkamania running wild via clean pinfall and the patented Leg Drop.(TME)
Chicago, IL(H.S M.E) 03/19/99 HollywoodHulk Hogan beats WCW World Heavyweight champ Ric Flair, but Charles"88 Hevner"Robinson DQes the Hulkster as Terry gets a huge crowd ovation!!!
Milwaukee(H.S M.E) 03/20/99 WCW World Heavyweight champ, Ric Flair over 
"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan via reversed decision.
Auburn Hills, MI(H.S M.E)) 3/27/99 "Hollywood"HulkHulk Hogan over WCW World Heavyweight champ, Ric Flair via DQ.
Toronto, ON 03/29/99 "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan over Diamond Dullas Page via the Leg Drop at the main event.(Nitro M.E)
Baltimore, MD, 03/31/99(H.S M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ Ric Flair over HollywoodHulk Hogan via DQ.
Richmond, VA ; 4/01/99(TME) HollywoodHulk Hogan over The Disciple(Ed Leslie).
Fairfax, VA, 04/02/99(H.S M.E)  WCW World Heavyweight champ Ric Flair over HollywoodHulk Hogan via DQ.

thanks to Lee C. and Bill from

Boston, MA, 04/03/99(H.S M.E)) WCW World Heavyweight champ Ric Flair over HollywoodHulk Hogan via DQ.
Las Vegas, NV, 04/05/99(Nitro M.E)) Bill Goldberg over WCW World Heavyweight champ Ric Flair, HollywoodHulk Hogan and Diamond Dullas Page via DQ in a 4 Way Texas Tornado match.
Louisville,KN 3/14/99(Stampede M.E) DDP over WCW World Heavyweight champ Ric Flair & HollywoodHulk Hogan & Sting for the title, with Randy Savage as the guest ref.
Had to fake knee injury, which was legitly hurt and needed to be operated!
Jacksonville, FL 7/12/99(Nitro M.E) "Hollywood"Hulk Hogan over WCW World Heavyweight champ, Randy Savage for the title. For his 13th World Wrestling championchip!!!!!
Rockford, IL 7/19/99(Nitro M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ, Hulk Hogan over Sid Vicious via DQ.
Memphis, TN 7/26/99(Nitro M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ, Hulk Hogan & Sting went to  No Contest with Kevin Nash & Sid Vicious.
Boise, ID 8/9/99(Nitro M.E):
Click on pic to see in normal size WCW World Heavyweight champ, Red & Yellow Hulkster, Hulkamania HULK HOGAN  & Sting and Bill Goldberg over Kevin Nash & Sid Vicious and WCW
World Television champ, Rick Steiner ; via Sting pinning Nash.
Sturgis, SD 8/14/99 (PPV M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ, Hulk Hogan, defeated Kevin Nash via pinfall, in a retirement vs retirement match.
Colarado Springs, CO 8/16/99 (Nitro M.E) WCW World Heavweight champ, Hulk Hogan    over Sid Vicious (heck if he pinned Steiner instead, he did it at Uncensored 95 against Vader when he drugged Flair in that corner strap match, but who cares, what matters is the show went good, right guys?)
San Francisco 8/20/99 (H.S M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan went no contest with Bret Hart to a huge *HUGE* pop for a tremendous match!
Reno, NV 8/21/99 (H.S M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan went no contest with Bret Hart to a huge *HUGE* pop for a tremendous match!
Los Angeles, CA 8/22/99 (H.S M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan went no contest with Bret Hart to a HUGE* pop for a tremendous match!
Las Vegas, NV 8/23/99 (Nitro M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ Hulk Hogan wrestled  a No Contest with Sting.
Uniondale, NY 8/30/99 (Nitro M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ: Hulk Hogan and Bill Goldberg defeated "The Triad" : Bam Bam Bigelow & Diamond Dullas Page & Chris Kanyon, when the Hulkster pinned Bammer.
PENSACOLA, FL 9/3/99 (H.S M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ: Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart wrestled to a no contest.
TALLAHASSEE, FL 9/4/99 (H.S M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ: Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart wrestled to a no contest.
Miami, FL 9/6/99 (Nitro M.E) WCW World Heavyweight champ: Hulk Hogan and Bill Goldberg defeated the 2 time Television champ, Rick Steiner & Sid Vicious and my man Diamond Dallas Page, who also did a great job(literally), as the Hulkster pinned him in a Steel Cage match.
Winston Salem, NC 9/12/99 (PPV M.E) Sting over WCW World Heavyweight champion, Hulk Hogan for the title.
Fall Brawl 99
CHAPEL HILL, NC 9/13/99 (Nitro M.E) the New WCW World Heavyweight champion: Sting and Lex Luger over Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart when Sting pinned B.H.
Saint Louis, MO 10/4/99(Nitro M.E) Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair over WCW World Heavyweight champ, Sting & Total Package, when Hogan pinned Sting.
Las Vegas, NV 10/24/99 (7th match out of 10) WCW World Heavyweight champion covered Hulk Hogan for the 1-2-3, when he laid down in the on going turning point of one of WCW`s angles.
Halloween Havoc 99
Long Island, NY 2/14/2000 (Nitro pre ME) Hulk Hogan over Ric Flair via DQ. 
San Francisco, CA ; 2/20/2000(PPV pre ME) Hulk Hogan over Lex Luger by Pinfall.
Sacramento, CA ; 2/21/2000 (Nitro ME Cage) Hulk Hogan over Lex Luger via DQ.
Providence, RI ; 3/13/2000 (Nitro M.E) Ric Flair & Lex Luger over Hulk Hogan & Curt Hennig
Miami, FL ; 3/19/2000(PPV ME strap match) Hulk Hogan over Ric Flair
Gainesville, FL ; 3/20/2000(Nitro ME) Hulk Hogan & Sid Vicious NC Scott Steiner&Jeff Jarrett
Orlando, FL ; 3/21/2000(Thunder ME) Hulk Hogan over Dustin Rhodes
South Padre Island, TX ; 3/27/2000(Nitro ME) Wall over Hulk Hogan via DQ.
Denver, CO; 4/10/2000(Nitro segment match) Billy Kidman over Hulk Hogan
Rochester, NY; 24/10/2000 Mike Awesome & Billy Kidman over Hulk Hogan
Birmingham, AL; 01/05/2000(Nitro ME) Mike Awesome over Hulk Hogan
Memphis, TN ; 02/05/2000(Thunder) Hulk Hogan over Scott Steiner
Memphis, TN ; 02/05/2000(Thunder ME) Battle Royale Bret Hart Eliminated Hulk Hogan
Kansas City, MO; 05/07/2000(Slamboree preME) Hulk Hogan over Billy Kidman
St. Louis, MO ; 05/08/2000(Nitro Pre ME) Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash NC Filthy Animals
Biloxi, MS ; 05/15/00(Nitro PME) Horace Hogan over Hulk Hogan and Billy Kidman in  a 3WM
Lafayette, LA ; 05/17/00(Thunder`s 2nd match) Hulk Hogan over Horace Hogan
Grand Rapids, MI ; 05/22/00(NPME) Vampiro over Hulk Hogan
Atlanta, GA ; 06/05/00 (SCM) Hollywood Hogan over Horace Hogan
Baltimore, MD ; 06/11/00 (GAB PPV) Hollywood Hogan over Billy Kidman
Richmond, VA ; 06/12/00 Hollywood Hogan NC WCW World champ Jeff Jarrett
Daytona Beach, FL 07/09/00 BATB PPV Hollywood Hogan "over" champ Jeff Jarrett

XWF (2001-Present)
Orlando, FL 11/14/2001 XWF Taping, day 2: Hulk Hogan over Curt Hennig
Few hours prior he reached an agreement with Stephanie "Gorgeous George" Bellars, Terry, will you stop
stealing Macho`s ladies? Hey isn`t this promotion supposed to be "Family Oriented"? I`ve seen Steph`s video, she`s definitely
not family oriented, hell if Chastity got fired because a similar flick, they should hire Chastity too, or that`s plain discrimination!

  • WWF 1989 Royal Rumble records:
Hulkster enters #18, and eliminates(in order), Curt Hennig(via throw out), helped Bad News Brown eliminate Butch Miller, Koko B Ware(fireman`s carry throw out), Luke Williams(fireman`s carry throw out), simultaneously eliminated the Brain Busters(Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) via
a double pushing clothesline, Warlord(via clothesline), Bad News Brown & WWF champ and fellow tag partner - "Macho Man" Randy Savage(as Brown tried to throw Savage out, Hulkster threw both causing more problems in Mega Maniacs land).
Hulkster was aliminated after being 11 minutes 83 seconds in the rumble by Akeem(aka poor One Man Gang who can`t get any heat in ECW) & Big Bossman via a double throw out.
After being aliminated, Hulkster pulled Bossman under the ropes(aliminating him) making a mistake insteaed of pulling Bossman over the top rope.

  • WWF 1990 Royal Rumble records:
Hulkster enters number 25, hour and 13 minutes into the Rumble.
20 seconds after entering, Hulkster eliminates the great legendary, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka( via a running clothesline).
42 seconds into the match, Hulkster eliminates Haku(via the Big Boot).
2 minutes and 16 seconds into the match, Hulkster eliminated the greatest Intercontinental Heavyweight champion of all time, the Honky Tonk Man(via grabbing by his hair and throwing him out).
6 minutes 36 seconds into his stay, Hulkster eliminates the Incercontinental champ, Ultimate Warrior
after clotheslining "Ravishing" Rick Rude and the Barbarian who almost had Warrior out, and as Hogan nailed them, Warrior went down and was eliminated.
[Note: before Rude eliminated Hercules, Terry made a mistake by going after Rude, Rude had to no-sell in order to eliminate Herc on time, also know that every match wrestlers do mistakes, I just like to catch Terry in every little detail.]
11 minutes 7 seconds into the stay, Hulkster eliminated The Ravishing one, when Terry Irish Whiped Rude, while Hennig was trying to get back in, and pulled the top rope, thus sending Rude over the top to the outside.
12 minutes 57 seconds, Hulkster eliminated "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig following beating the crap out of him, with a throw out over the ring post, TO WIN THE ROYAL RUMBLE!!!
Note: Terry posed as usual and got a flag from a fan which said "Hulkamania lives for ever" Terry showed it, and then bent it leanly and returned it to the fan!!
Also note that the great "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was 43 minutes and 55 seconds in the Rumble.
Overall Hulkster was 13 plus minutes in the Rumble, giving a great performence from his heart.

  • 1991 Royal Rumble records:
Hulkster enters number 24, 45 minutes and 14 seconds into the Rumble Battle Royal.
Minute and 11 seconds after entering, Terry eliminated my man, a true wrestling talent, Barry Darsow(damn shame isn`t main eventer anymore, Smash/Repo) via the hair-tights throw out.
At 2 minutes 51 seconds into his stay, Hulkster eliminates, The legendary Greg"Hammer"Valentine, who by the way lasted 44 minutes and 19 seconds.
11 minutes 33 seconds, eliminates my man Bryan Adams(Crush) via throw off, as Bryan tried to punch Terry on the turnbuckle.
12 minutes, 36 seconds, eliminates Big Poppa Steroid, The Warlord Terry Zophinski via clothesline.
15 minutes, 34 seconds, eliminates Big Bubba/Tugboat/Typhoon/Shockmaster, Big Freddie Ottman via a kind of a leg hip toss, somewhat a body slam position throw out).
18 minutes, 3 seconds, Earthquake/Avalanche/Shark/Poor Golga, Big John Tenta hits Hulkster with the big Quake, only for him to come right back up with the adrenaline flowing.
18 minutes, 59 seconds, eliminates Brian Knobbs(Yandrisovitz) a proud jew, like myself to whome I wish luck with the bad one he has late, via the Big Boot.
19 minutes, 9 seconds, Hulkamania runns wild, as Tenta Power Slams The Hulkster and covers him for him to kick out.
20 minutes, 9 seconds, Hulkster body slams Earthquake after no selling with Hulkamania running wild, then following with the *3 punches, and the *Big Boot*.
20 minutes, 24 seconds, Hulkster eliminates Earthquake with a running Clothesline from behind, thus making Hulkster the winner of the 1991 Royal Rumble.
After winning, Terry got a sign that said:

Hulkster also got a sign saying "Saddam and Slaughter will surrender", Terry posed with the signs, showed them and returned them to the ones they belonged. Terry then got the Old Glory and waved it as the PPV ended.
Terry was totally 27 minutes and 46 seconds in the Battle Royal.
Note: Greg"Hammer"Valentine lasted 44 minutes and 19 seconds.
         "The Model" Rick Martel lasted 53 minutes and 25 seconds, setting a record.
Hulk Hogan`s 1992 Royal Rumble match story
Introducing Rumble participants via entry order:
1)The man who won`t stay down and will beat every problem to get back in the ring, The "British Bulldog" Davey Smith.
2)The man who set a record of 43 minutes and 55 seconds in the 1990 Rumble, one of the greatest heels in the history of this business, "The Million Dollar Man" the great Ted DiBiase.
3)The 23 times former Wrestling Heavyweight champion of the world, the proudest carrier of the World Wrestling title name as champion, and without any doubt the greatest combined inring and outside of it wrestler of all times! "Da Man", "The Kiss stealing, wheeling, dealing, jet flying, limousine and recently bus riding son of a gun" . The "Nature Boy" Whoo by god, Ric Flair.
4)"Nasty Boy" Jerry Saggs, who had his career ended in a messed spot executed by Scott Hall.
5)Haku, the man we know today as Meng, also appeared as King Tonga, one of the legitimately toughest guys in the business today.
6)The innovator of high flying flamboyant style to perfection with inring performance and mic skill,
one of the greatest wrestlers influencing both in his inring style and both with his out of ring attitude, the one and the only, a proud father today, "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels.
7)One of the hardest working stars in the late 70s,early 80s before he got killed with the Matador gimmick,one of the biggest influences at his prime as a Tag Team champion and the WWF IC champion. Tito"Chicko"Santana.
8)Poor Barbarian, who even though a good Bollea friend was recently released by WCW. His gimmick ran it`s course, although with a right gimmick, Bischoff could`ve had repackaged him
as a "security guard", a shame to release a guy who`s been through it all.
9)The late Kerry Von Erich, whose life was so tragic due his family deaths, and without an ankle, he was able to remain on top as one of the most popular WWF stars, let along the most popular star in Texas, jam packing the Texas Stadium in Irving, TX infront of 32,123 in the memory of his brother David to win the NWA World title from Da Man, Ric Flair.
10)Former Smash of Demolition, repackaged as the Repo Man. The man who almost got his
so much deserved push in WCW last year, but it just went away, Barry Darsow, one of the most talented performers in the 80s. Who with the right gimmick could`ve gotten over with the crowd in a minute if gotten a minute and a mic.
11)One of the best performers in the early 80s, faced almost every top champion in the business
and done it all. A legend in his own right, even though his style doesn`t match today, his persona still being used his mark remains legendary for this business, Greg"The Hammer"Valentine.
Valentine also broke DiBiase`s record from the year before as he lasted 44 minutes and 19 seconds in the 91 Rumble.
12)Nikolai Volkof was used at best as partner of the Sheik as the hated anti americans from Russia and Iran, however the gimmick was dead quickly and in 94 being brought for a final run didn`t do much as McMahon turned him heel instead give a last run push as deserved.
13)The man who came as a top dog and until this day he is a secured top dog in this business,
from battling Hulk Hogan for the WWF world title in 89 to battling the Big Show for the WWF
World title 10 years later, in 99, remains the Big Bossman in great shape, and even better one as came back to WWF after the 5 or so years stint in WCW. A true inspiration to see how he can adjust with the new style, he is Ray Traylor.
14)Hercules Fernandez, a classic big power house for the early-mid 80s who did a great job
for his gimmick and persona, however soon his gimmick was out of the window, even though he was
used in Japan in the early 90s, he was unable to work others` style.
15)A true Icon in this business, main evented the big NWA when it was on top under Flair-Race at Starrcade 83 against Greg Valentine, every match was built for the huge interest of the crowd. Involved at the first big boom of 85 at WrestleMania I, and then the boom of that boom at WrestleMania III against one of the greatest workers and inring performers for his size, the late Adrian Adonis, and then at the second big boom of the nWo as he main evented and drew fans from all over the world with his feud against Hollywood Hogan and the nWo. A true Icon,
"The Hot Rod" 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.
16)A guy who contributed to wrestling with his persona and gimmick,worked well in his early WWF run, however in his personal life he`s nothing but a drunken SOB, Jake"The Snake"Roberts.
17)A legend, inspiration to every american and to every wrestling fan in the world. Recovered from lung cancer, over where ever he goes, no promoter can stop him, as every fan will yell Hoooooo
and USA..USA when he sees this guy. The one and only, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, I`d`ve used him as a member in the M Club, hell if Luger is there, he can`t wrestler neither, yet Duggan gets a better reaction than he is. Now also a judge on TV.
18)One of the greatest pure inring wrestlers, Mike"IRS"Rotundo.
19)The the legend himself, the one that inspired Mick Foley to kill himself and enjoy it, for his size innovating ability of high flying leaps at his time, the "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka.
20)The phenome, the man who remains on top through out his whole run in the WWF.
Made a mark for innovating moves for a man of his size and inspired other 7 footers to follow his steps, the one and only, "The Undertaker".
21)A tremendous wrestler, who main evented and sold out cards alongside Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, in the same great status as both above, a man who played his persona to the height of a Hulk Hogan and wrestled inside the ring to the height of Ric Flair, a legend on his own right.
Was able to work great matches with both Hulk Hogan and Ricky Steamboat, he is the one
and only, the legendary, "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
22)"Berzerker", as John Nord was the one who contributed the great Hass to the wrestling world.
23)"Virgil" Mike Jones, who remains in great shape, and can also be part of WCW security or some sort of role, as he`s been through it all in this business, and it`ll be a shame to remove him from this
thing he loves so dearly.
24)The Iron Sheik, the man McMahon used for the Backlund era to transform into the Hulkamania
era, must I say, he was perfect for the job and did his job the very best as it should`ve been and was.
25)The one and only, a man who was the hottest talent when he tagged with Tony Garea and won the WWWF Tag belts in late 70s and later formed one of the hottest and best inring tag teams with Tito Santana, and later in his Model gimmick was as great and as good as any, as he could battle it out in any given style, with the best and worst of "them". A former AWA World champ, a true legend in this business, an inspiration and an innovator, both in persona and inring ability.
A last run in WCW unfortunately caused a torn ACL and later a neck injury forcing him to retire,
he is the legendary, "Model" Rick Martel.
The man who held the Rumble record for that year made in the 91 Rumble at 53 minutes and 25 seconds.
26)The man for whom I dedicated this web site, the man who made me interested in this cartoon world, later to be discovered a great art world, the man that executed McMahon`s bookings
and appealed the fans to watch him perform and jam pack the Pontiac Silverdome.
Like it or not, he is the reason you`re a wrestling fan today, he was the foundation for the big wrestling boom, something neither Sammartino nor Graham where able to do under McMahon,
when AWA maniacs and Rocky behind he was the man who lead wrestling to main stream
and is responsible for the popularity wrestling received! The one and only, the legendary, 
the man who`s on top of this business from the moment he made it and will remain on top as long as he wants, "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, Terry Bollea!
27)One of the greatest inring old style wrestlers and a teacher to many current up and coming stars
he is the great Steve Kairn, under the McMahon "genuine" Skinner gimmick, a man who later appeared at WM 9 as Doink #2.
28)A great traditional style wrestler, he was no late Adrian Adonis, but he always knew how to take bumps and for his size it was always amazing the wrestling world should be grateful to him for accepting the WM 7 US vs Iraq gimmick, a man who still remains active in the WWF offices. Srg.Slaughter.
29)The man who was supposed to be the successor of Hulk Hogan, but neither Lex Luger, nor he could fill that huge space left by the Hulkster when he wasn`t active, today neither come even close to the Hulkster, though this guy had great runs and main events and has potential for great future in this business, due limited abilities, he`ll need to work hard like he did this year to do it, this guy was at the time Sid Justice, now he returned to his NWA Sid Vicious name, the Psyched Sid Eudy.
30)The steroid M&M popping Warlord.

Hulk Hogan enters the rumble, number 26, at 51 minutes, 11 seconds into the Rumble.
In 52 minutes, 18 seconds, the Hulkster eliminated the Undertaker via careful Clothesline drag over the top rope.
In 52 minutes, 24 seconds, the Hulkster eliminates the Berzerker via Side Back Body Drop to the outside.
In 1 hour, 1 minute and 32 seconds, Hulkster and Sid together eliminate the Warlord via each per leg pick up throw over the top rope.
In 1 hour, 2 minutes and 51 seconds, after standing for a while and watching Hulk stomp a hole in Flair, Sid decided to eliminate the Hulkster and does exactly that via hair&tights throw over the top rope.
In 1 hour, 3 minutes, 21 seconds, Hulkster can`t believe Sid eliminated him and Hulk grabs Sid`s hand while on the outside, while Flair comes with a Jumping High Knee to Sid`s back, and a leg pick up throw out, while Hogan helped Flair from the outside pulling Sid as well, eliminating him.

This sets a record as the Nature Boy both wins the WWF World title for his first time, and sets a record for the longest lasting competitor in the Rumble, entering 3rd and surving against all odds to win after being 1 hour, 1 minute and 21 seconds in the Rumble.

Then Hogan and Justice argue as officials break them in the ring, where should`ve been the celebration of Flair`s victory, unlike it was done backstage.

Hulk Hogan assaults talk show host:
Actually, it was the mid 80s, right at the inception of "Rock 'n' Wrestling" and Hulk
                  Hogan's rise to superstardom... and assault may be too strong a word for it.... but
                  yeah, it happened, and the consensus is that it was very real. 

                  In the hype surrounding WrestleMania (the original one, no roman numeral
                  necessary) in 1985, Hogan appeared on a talk show called "Hot Properties" with
                  host Richard Belzer. The interview was non-confrontational, and Hogan was just
                  trying to demonstrate a headlock (or a front facelock, maybe... my memory is hazy)
                  on Belzer for show (with Belzer playing along). But either Hogan applied too much
                  pressure or Belzer has a really weak carotid artery or something, because Belzer
                  passed out and whacked his head on a table. Not an assault by any definition I'd
                  accept, but definitely an "incident" of some kind. 

                  Belzer needed stitches, and soon thereafter, he began legal proceedings. After a
                  few years, the case was settled out of court, but the suit really was filed and was
                  pending for a long time. Since it's not nice to work the legal system, this is one of
                  the these incidents that everybody believes was genuine. 

                  For whatever it's worth, Belzer still plays it up... as recently as his 1999 book
                  "UFOs, JFK, and Elvis" (which is funny, thought-provoking, and dubious in about
                  equal quantities), he uses his injury at the hands of Hogan as a punchline. 

Article on Bollea:
Research by Justin Sulting ; source:

To millions of screaming wrestlemaniacs he's the Hulkster, the one and only Hulk Hogan. 

But to the folks back home in Tampa, Fla. he'll always be Terry Gene Bollea, the quiet kid who was more interested in
rock'n'roll than sports. 

In fact the folks back at Robinson Senior High School in Interbay remember his last day at school all to well. "He streaked the
graduation ceremony," chuckles on Wolf, the school's activities director. 

That was in 1971 when Bollea scooted through the stadium packed with up to 4000 students, teachers and parents. "We knew
someone was going to do it, too," says Wolf. "We had guards everywhere but he did it." 

The high school prank was a glimpse into the showman who would later become the Hulk. 

In Tampa, Bollea is also remembered as a top Little League ball player 

a pitcher who threw "gas" and a batter who hit the long ball. "They had a deal at Burger King that whenever a player hit a home
run, the team would get free Whoppers. Man, we were there every Saturday because of Terry," said Jim pitisci, whose dad,
Vince, coached Bollea on the Lil' General's team from 1965-67. 

Bollea was about 12 years old then, recalls Pitisci, and grew up much like everybody else in Interbay, a peninsula between St.
Petersburg and Tampa. 

It was an idyllic existence, with quiet tree-lined streets, parks and the ever-present Florida sun. 

Bollea's family still lives in the same modest wood-frame house he grew up in and the Hulk himself has a condo in St.

But early on there was something different about Bollea - his size. 

At age 12 he was hitting 5-foot-10 and by his teems he was 6-foot-7. The World Wrestling Federation puts his current height
at 6-foot-9. 

It's no surprise, though, that Hulk Hogan should come from the high school which could be called Wrestling High USA. 

The list of pro-wrestlers who graduated the school is long: Mike Graham (Gossett), Steve Keirn, Dennis McCord (Austin
Idol), Dick Slater and Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake). Richard Blood (Ricky Steamboat) and Bob Orton, Jr. went to a rival
school across the street. 

Bollea, however, wasn't interested in wrestling then and shrugged off the coach's attempts to draft him onto the school team. 

At the time he played in the Varsity Band, blowing trombone. At night his heart belonged to rock'n'roll. "They were really
successful around here," said Dave Lawson of the band. Lawson played in other bands around Tampa at the time. "They
played 1960's material - Stones, Beatles, Byrds and stuff." 

Two years at Junior College was followed by two more years at South Florida University and in 1975 Bollea finished school
with a commerce degree - and a passion for weightlifting. 

Instead of settling into a career, Bollea focused on his newly acquired passion and even opened a successful gym in Vero
Beach. "He was playing at a bar called The Other Place and my brother, Jack Brisco, a former world champion wrestler, told
him: 'With your size, you should be a wrestler,'" said Jerry Brisco. "Terry said that was what he always wanted." 

But his first introduction to wrestling under famed trainer Hiro Matsuda was painful - he broke an ankle. "No one expected him
back," said Brisco. "It was August in Florida, and the gym had no air conditioning. It was 106 degrees. But there was Terry,
his ankle taped up and ready to go." 

He worked hard and trimmed his figure to 220 pounds and by 1977 was on the USWA circuit out of Memphis, playing to
3000-seat halls. "He couldn't really wrestle but he looked good and drew crowds," recalls promoter Gerry Jarrett. 

Under Jarrett, Bollea used the named Terry Boulder and Sterling Golden. He played the villain, and worked small towns
around the south. 

In 1979 a video tape of him in action caught the eye of Vince McMahon Sr., who re-christened Hulk Hogan. About that time
he started to bulk up, reaching 320 pounds at his peak. 

After a couple of runs through the northern circuit, Hogan was kissed off as expendable. Dejected, he called American
Wrestling Association president Verne Gagne. "He said he wasn't making it, could we help," recalls Gagne. "He was terrible at
first, couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time." 

Under Gagne's expertise, Bollea developed further and by the early 1980's he was sent on a tour of Japan, where the Japanese
revered him because of his size. "Things were really starting to happen for him," says Dave Meltzer, who writes a national
wrestling column and also publishes the Wrestling Observer. "He made the Rocky III movie in 1982 but things were really
happening before that." 

On his return, he was "stolen" by Vince McMahon Jr., who by then had taken over his dad's business. 

It was McMahon - a bodybuilder himself - who started the move to bigger and better bodies, a trend which dominates
wrestling today. 

By 1984 Hogan was firmly established with his own legion of Hulkamaniacs and McMahon picked him to anchor the WWF
empire because of his drawing capacity. 

Since then he's become an icon but to folks like Dave Dennison, who grew up with Bollea, he hasn't changed. "He is the nicest
guy, soft spoken, no ego and he still treats his old friends right," he said. "He'll never be Hulk Hogan to me - he'll always be
Terry Bollea.

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