Latest news:

  • NEW Download!!! - Rest of the board and organs from Advanced Space Crusade have been uploaded to BoardGameGeek.com. Go to the Downloads section for the direct link.
  • Scanned a small, rare game called "Lost Patrol", please see the downloads section, it'll link you to the site I've uploaded them to.

Special thanks to Geo for sharing a pic of his tiles using MapMaker. From the looks of it, seems like he was able to modify MapMaker to include his own tiles as well! Thanks for sharing your map, it looks great!

Welcome to Hulkskulker's KnowledgeBase, your Space Hulk online resource. For newbies and veterans alike, I hope you enjoy yourself. If you enjoy it, please pass the site along to friends. Questions, comments or suggestions? Drop me a line, I always love hearing from visitors!


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