Finally I have arrived on the net.
Here you'll find some fun stuff about me. Get introduced to my friends and family. You will also have the pleasure of accompanying me to some fun parties etc..


Jens "Jensa" Hult
I spend most of my spare time with my friends. I have a big bunch and I love them all. Together we go skiing, playing golf, lifting weights, hanging out etc. I also love traveling and experiensing other cultures and people, it is SO much fun.

We all love to party, some more than others, no names Mike....I've got some nice party pics for you in here!

I am Totaly in love with Gabriella..... Where have you been all my life????
Trips and vacations
Work to live don't live to work!!!!!
What is happening at the moment???
   Wow, been living in Geneva for 3,5 years now, time flyes. starting a new job the 1 of July, really looking forward....
   Lot of skiing this year as the
last one when I did a season with Joe and Alex, NUTS...  This year me and Gab had a place, pics on the way... Spend  New Year 06-07 with some friends in the châlet. 
Had a sweet Genevan
summer 2006. and a good party in Stockholm.