Hulya Oyman

Turkish Translation Services  

41 Mintwood Drive

Ontario, Canada  M2M 3A6

Tel: (416) 226-9610
Fax: (416) 226-9334



41 Mintwood Drive

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M2M 3A6

Tel: (416) 226-9610

Fax: (416) 226-9334


Ms. Hulya Oyman

Acting as Official Interpreter to Canadian Prime Minister  Jean Chretien  and Turkish President  S. Demirel  (OSCE Conference Istanbul - Nov. 99.)

Assisting  the Prime Minister extend his sympathies to the earhquake victims and  then visiting the Blue Mosque.

Hulya Oyman      

(Certified Translator # 1840 )

Stated simply: 

Ms. Oyman is one of the  most reliable Turkish – English, English –Turkish Translators  in Canada.

Her signature is accepted by every  official organization in Canada. 

A member of ATIO since 1990 in Canada, she has many years of  service  as official translator / interpreter to Turkish and   Canadian dignitaries including:

Turkish Minister  of Energy

Turkish Ministry of Defense

Turkish Ministry  of Labour

The Federal Ministry of Transportation (Canada)

The Ministry of Labour  

Workers’ Compensation Board

Specialization in wide range of subjects such as commercial, business, legal,  banking, international, academic,   advertising, technical,              pharmaceutical, etc.

Editing and Proofreading:

Business correspondence, resumes,  personal letters, manuals, resumes, legal, technical, academic,     commercial texts, etc. 

Specialized subjects:

Legal documents including court decisions, criminal records, contracts, official papers, diplomas, Birth certificates, passports,  transcripts, driver licenses, marriage certificates; plus commercial correspondence including banking, insurance, transportation, trade, etc and chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical papers, industrial contracts, manuals and texts. Political, literary and sociological articles.

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