An appeal to the human decency in Muslims
  Can it be argued that :

1"this has nothing to do with Islam?"

2 That this is a "highjacking of Islam?"

3 And that the perpetrators cannot be considered true muslims?
Can this be justified in the cause
of Allah?
  Well in that case, we must also say that :

  1 the founder of Islam,
Muhammad, "has nothing to do with Islam."

2 He has "highjacked Islam".

3 And "a person who does such things cannot be considered a true Muslim."
Nine Hundred Male Prisoners Beheaded, Wives and Children Sold Into Slavery. - Their Belongings Plundered And Divided. One Fifth For Muhammad.
(All those males who had not grown pubic hair were classified as children)

The apostle of Allah imprisoned the Qurayza in Medina while trenches were dug in the market place.
Then he sent for the men and had their heads struck off so that they fell in the trenches. They were brought out in groups, and among them was Kab, the chief of the tribe. In number, they amounted to six or seven hundred, although some state it to have been eight or nine hundred. All were executed.

Now the apostle distributed the property of the Banu Qurayza, as well as their women and children, to the Muslims, reserving one fifth for himself. Every horseman received three shares, one for himself and two for his steed, and every foot soldier one share. There were thirty?six horses present on the day of the Qurayza. The apostle dispatched an emissary to Najd with the prisoners, to barter them as slaves in exchange for horses and camels.

The apostle of Allah selected one of the Jewish women, Rayhana, for himself, and she remained with him as his slave until she died. He had suggested marriage to her, that she should wear the veil (to separate her from all other persons, as his wives did), but she replied, 'Rather allow me to remain thy slave; it will be more easy for me, and for thee.'

Ishaqs "The life of Muhammad" 
Some apologists  justify this, saying  the jewish tribe of Qurayza broke a treaty or other lame excuse that this was jewish law.

What a great excuse to for Robbery, Rape, Plunder, Murder and Slave Trading!
And Muhammad always got the first pick of the sex slaves after each robbery falsly called a "battle".

Even if some jews were guilty of something for which there is no evidence, If you don't believe in collective punishment, then you would have to agree that :

This is as ridiculous as to argue that all Muslims in America should be
             stoned  according to islamic law  because of the attrocity of September 11.
Therefore all decent Muslims must disassociate themselves from this "highjacker" of a peaceful religion.
The prophet sat and watched 900 beheadings.
This one attrocity is bad enough. The most revered prophet of Muslims  also assassinated and beheaded his critics prolifically. For more of his contemporary victims like Theo Van Gogh, click on the link below.
I have learnt a lot from faith freedom international with its vast and clear resources.
These are the real experts because they have seen Islam from both sides, In AND Out.
More than you ever want to know about Muhammad
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