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May 19, 2002

+ I won another award - The Junior Web Award 2002 - 2003. Thank you


May 11, 2002

+ NEW Poll up

+ Old Poll results: Agree that Kc should study in France?

Yes - 56%

No  - 22%

I don't care - 21%


May 9, 2002 

+ Okay, someone's been complaining about the site and that the images are overlapping. It is kinda weird coz' it works fine in my computer and in other computers where I tested it. Maybe it is really best to use Explorer while viewing this site. If you are experiencing the overlapping, please email me and tell me what kind of program you are using to view the site. Thank you - webmistress  


April 28, 2002

+ New Fan Art  submitted by Grego


April 20, 2002

+ I've won another award - The Webkin Silver Award. Yipeee

+ Vote for KC for the Top 10 Pinays - click here





+ Kc was on Dish last May 14, 2002 - She watched Michelle Branch doing her promo tour here in the Philippines. I had 

   invites to watch Michelle Branch too, and all I could say is that she was amazing.

+ The Real Score between KC and Billy! Details 

+ The late Rico Yan dreamed of working with Kc Concepcion on a movie project. Too bad it will never happen.

+ Sharon and KC to have a Paris bonding trip! Details

+ Kc is the cover girl on Seventeen Magazine Philippines (March 2002)



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