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My name is Maria. I am an Albanian. You will read my story here and the stories of other people who have tried to leave their homes for a better life in other country. But we were betrayed by those who said they would help. I was promised work as a model and became a sex slave, a prostitute, who was sold not only to hundreds of men, but from one owner to another in three countries. I was helpless to stop it.
When I was rescued I tried to help other girls who had same problems as me. But the pain of their experiences never allowed me to forget my own. When it became so bad that I thought I would finally go crazy. I came to Bulgaria with the person who saved my life. It is not the Albania I remember and love more than any other place, and where I can never return, but it is in many ways closer to my home than Italy or France or Holland.
My friend and I talked about my experiences and those of girls we helped in Amsterdam and wondered how we could help others before they made the same mistakes. And we decided to make a website. We pray that young man and women who are tempted to people who are the lowest animals to smuggle them to the West will find it and listen to what we suffered. If it saves only one person it will be worth it... MY STORY
I want this web site also to become your website. Send me your stories how you travelled from your beloved homeland. What you saw and what happened to you. We should also shame those who tricked, hurt and stole your life from you and your family. These people who think they are above the law - send their names and their crimes. We will put the names on the website - so that people know who they are - so that other people will not trust them again as we did. This website wil not work without your help.
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