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Peter ArievSocial Studies Teacher (former) Columbia, MDpr65{-at-}umail.umd.edu
Letty (née Arnold) DePalmahistory/English [*]1962-1966Dallas, Texasjdepalma{-at-}airmail.net
Ingrid Ann BerdahlFrench Teacher  IBerdahl{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Kristi R. BestMath Teacher   
Dale BethelAssistant Principal  DBethel{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Doug Wynne BurnsEnglish/Fine Arts Teacher   
Michael Daniel CalabroCounselor (former) [*]  MDCalabro{-at-}juno.com
James G. ChalkerPhysics Teacher  jchalker{-at-}gmu.edu
Josette F. ClarkFrench Teacher  JFClark{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
John ClishamDirector of Guidance  JClisham{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Larry CooperHealth and Physical Education/Athletic Trainer [*]1987-1991Harrison City,PA 15636coopatc{-at-}aol.com
Tom W. CrugerChemistry Teacher   
Sally DavisLatin Teacher (former) [*]  SDavis{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Matilde (née Delgado) KatoenSpanish Teacher [*]1977-1989Fairfax, Virginiamkatoen{-at-}erols.com
Noel B. DeskinsDirector of Student Activities  NDeskins{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
David DunkleeBand Director (former) (updated 10/04)1987-1995Gravois Mills, MOboogie-man{-at-}earthlink.net
William R. EvingerSocial Studies Teacher (retired)1978-1998(updated 2/04)warrior98@cox.net
Chrystal ForresterAssistant Principal  CForrest{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Bridget Kathleen GillisSocial Studies Teacher   
Louis M. GoffrediMath Teacher  LGoffred{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Anne K. GrovesEnglish and Drama Teacher (former) [*]   
Tonya A. GuiffreSocial Studies Teacher1992-currentFalls Church, VAjaguiffre{-at-}aol.com
Chris HoovlerBand Teacher1997-current?choovler{-at-}home.com
Margaret HuckabyAssistant Principal (former) (former Vocal Music Teacher) [*]  MHuckaby{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Doris B. JacksonAssistant Principal (former Director of Guidance)  DJackson{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Suzanne M. Jimenez??  SJimenez{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Angela JohnsonPhysics Teacher (former) [*]  JohnsoAC{-at-}UCSU.Colorado.edu
Elliot JohnsonSocial Studies Teacher1995-current johnson_elliot{-at-}hotmail.com
John C. Johnson, Mr.Head of Industrial Arts Department for Arlington Co. [*]1957-1982Welcome, Md.lewjohnson{-at-}uswest.net
Lynn R. JuhlMath Teacher  LJuhl{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Brian L. KernsChemistry Teacher   
Fran KiblerPhysical Education Teacher [*]1978-1992 fran2005{-at-}hotmail.com
Dana LeeRegistrar [*]1984-1999 lakegolf{-at-}cstone.net
Betty J. LightleSecretary  BLightle{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Andrew LoftBand Teacher (former) [*]  Loft007{-at-}AOL.com
William LomaxCounselor  WLomax{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
E. Howard LongAssistant Principal (former) [*]   
Betty Lou LudwickEnglish Teacher  BLudwick{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Mike LutzEnglish and Newspaper Teacher  WVLutz{-at-}AOL.com
Jean Ann MagnierCounselor (former) [*]   
Elsa MantillaCounselor  EMantill{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Bill MintonHistory Teacher (former) [*]  flashminton{-at-}hotmail.com
Pauline V. MooreTyping Teacher and Instructional Secretary [*]1968-1981Arlington, VAdassie239{-at-}hotmail.com
Nancy Jean OpsutTechnology Resource (former) [*]  NOpsut{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Gene PohlOrchestra Teacher1995-currentArlington,VADavidP1877{-at-}aol.com
Natasha PomarLibrarian   
Paula A. ProsperMath Teacher   
Alfred ReidCounselor  AlReid{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Russell S. ResneyPhysics and Chemistry Teacher (former) [*]  Resney{-at-}AOL.com
Diana R. RussellEnglish Teacher  DRussell{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Georganna SchellTechnology Resource Teacher1986-???? gschell{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
James Francis SchroederDiscrete Math Teacher, from HB Woodlawn (former) [*]   
Theresa Ann SeverinChoral Music Teacher  tseverin{-at-}erols.com
Lynn H. SheltonMath Teacher  LShelton{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Marie E. Shiels-DjouadiPrincipal  MDjouadi{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Amy ShiloCounselor  AShilo{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Sharon L. Solorzano?? Teacher   
Robert StraussAdministrative Aide  RStrauss{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Mary E. ThackerSecretary1990-current mthacker{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Susan Rae TothFrench Teacher   
Frances Jane TurnerCounselor  FTurner{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Roderick O. UvegesComputer Science Teacher, from Washington-Lee   
Jane VandellCareer Education Specialist1978-currentArlington, VAJVandell{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Michelle WalshCounselor  MWalsh{-at-}arlington.k12.va.us
Barbara J. WhittierBiology Teacher  BWhittie{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Susan C. WilliamsLibrarian   
William WrightHILT Teacher  WWright{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
Jina (née Yi) DavidsonArt Teacher1993-currentFairfax, Va. USAjinayi{-at-}go-racecar.com
Ann H. ZunigaSpanish Teacher  AZuniga{-at-}pen.k12.va.us
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