The Humorous Cat Returns
This site, as you can read our previous introduction below, was resurrected by three people. However, Anders Larson has moved back to his own site, and Craig Tutterow never really cared in the first place. So it is, that I, Thomas Vasilos am assuming complete control of the Humorous Cats Website, in an attempt to resurrect it and myself to former glory. I don't know how to change pictures, or titles really, so I am the sole Humorous Cat. And let's be honest; No one read their stuff anyway. Enjoy.

In the early stages of the twenty-first century, a flurry of web sites took Mount Tabor High School by storm. These web sites served as independent news sources, fighting against the bureaucracy. They were the voices of the people. The most popular two (The Big Cat Press - a clever, funny page founded by Big Cats Anders Larson and Craig Tutterow, and mthumor - a lethal mixture of hard hitting teenage angst and humorous cultural criticism by Thomas Vasilos) conglomerated to form an independent news force: they became the Humorous Cats. Amongst a whirlwind of turmoil, the Humorous Cats were thwarted by the institutional powers at hand. Now, minus institutional constraints, plus a few years of life experience, and mitigated by a boring summer, they rise again!

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My Articles, Essays, and Ramblings that I see fit to be above the other two sections

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The Infamous Sports Section, Where We Discuss all things Sports in my life.

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