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Name: kevin
Aka: bob
Age: 11/20/84
Loc: brooklyn, nyc
Sex: both, shemale [hermaphadite]
Height: 5'9 - 5'10
Weight: 135
Hobbies: csin', dfgin', sleepin'
Status: single
Ocupation: student
Likes: girls with peaches
DisLikes: any meanies. fat n ugly grls ew yuk
Fave Food: lots of shit
Fave Drink: nai nai milk
Fave Music: anything but country
Fave Color: black and blue
Screen Names: feel free to im me at humsupjaii
Quote: "if i put my dick in your ear would you hear me cum?"

you wont hear shit! cuz you'll be deaf forever! heh heh heh