Huna 101

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Huna 101

Aloha nui loa (I love you very much), and welcome to my HUNA introduction. This HUNA introduction is NOT the book "HUNA 101" by James Venable Alexander which was recently published, and I do not want this work to be confused with the book.

If you follow the "Christian" faith; please be aware that in some places I spell out how I was mistreated by SOME "Christians". I am neither insulting you or your religion (I have a great deal of respect for the gentle teachings of the man called Jesus, and the way "Christianity" was practiced in the first century CE). I only hope you will read this document with an open mind and heart and accept this document in the manner it was intended because HUNA is a WONDERFUL spiritual technology.

In MY opinion the Great Mystery (Brahman, Creator, E'O, God, Jehovah, Ogedoda, Manitou, Sugmad, Wakan Tanka, YHVH, etc) reveals itself to its creation according to his/her level of understanding.

If two children asked you "How does a car go?". You would tell a two-year-old child something simple "You put gas in the car and go.", but you would tell a 15 year-old child more information. You may tell this child about the internal combustion engine, drive shafts, transmissions, universal joints, etc." because the 15 year-old has a higher level of awareness.

That is not insulting the two-year-old. It is only acknowledging the fact the children have different levels of awareness.

Various people have differing levels of awareness too.

Paul told of different levels of awareness in Hebrews 5:13-14 (paraphrased) spiritual babes need milk, and strong meat is for those of full age and can discern both good and evil.

If the Buddhist, "Christian", Eckankar, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shamanism, Taoism, Wicca, etc. faith works for you (answers your spiritual questions), and teaches you the way of right relationship (to love and respect your brothers and sisters); that is great. Just allow your brothers and sisters to walk the path that is right for them even though their path is different from yours.

I am no guru. I do not have all of the answers. I do not have all of the questions.

I am trying to share a simple and logical spiritual technology with anyone who is interested. I am a human being; doing the best I can, but writing is NOT my forte.

This is *MY* brief distillation of HUNA; after taking the HUNA course from HRI (Huna Research Inc.) and reading every HUNA related book I could lay my hands on for the past few years. I capitalize the entire word HUNA because of my love and respect for this simple, and logical system.

I have used several Hawai'ian words in the document; but I spell them phonetically so that you may pronounce them easily.

You do not need to use the Hawai'ian words at all if you choose not to. Here are the English equivalents 'Aumakua (pronounced owmakooa is the higher self), Uhane (pronounced oohahnee is the middle self), Unihipili (pronounced ooneeheepeele is the low or basic self) kino kanaka ( pronounced keeno canaka is the physical body), and aka (is the spirit matter of your aura). I prefer to use the Hawai'ian words; but that is just my experience.

I do NOT want you to take any of this material on faith. Test the system and either prove or disprove this spiritual technology to your satisfaction. I say this in all honesty because 30 years ago *I* would not have been able to accept this spiritual technology as fact instead of someone's opinion. HUNA is experiential; so feel free to experiment to your heart's content.

This document is a combination of truth and opinion.

Truth: These are techniques that I have seen work MANY times. Opinion: These are the Hawai’ian name of God, whether the kahunas lived by the philosophy "Harm nothing with hatred", and other factors. I believe them to be true; but I have not found material that would prove them as truth yet.

Two Bears

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