I am a freshmen here at Niwot High and my name is Tasha Peattie. I am a mathematical learner, which means that I learn best by exploring patterns, altering symbols to a different meaning and doing controlled experiments. I prefer to learn in a mathematical matter instead of lectures and notes. This to me is very boring and I need an interesting aspect to keep my attention alert. But you don't only have to use a mathematical perspective in math class, but in others as well.

            A lesson plan that can be used for in English class could be adding words together to create full sentences. To do this, you must first make a grid that has the same dimensions as another. Then place random words in the spaces, roll a dice and the two numbers rolled have to be used in the sentence. This allows the person to get familiar with the words and their ability to read a chart. This would be a fantastic way to get the English objective down and not to be in a boring state of mind.

            This is familiar to my favorite activity learned because in the seventh grade, my English teacher taught us how to make vocabulary through a matching game. We had to find numbers that associated with the subject and created a predicate for the sentences by creating a new grid. This taught us that making a grid that corresponds with an English class. This proves that mathematical thinking can be used outside of a math class.