Vortex Raising in
Colorado Springs

On August 17, 2003 under a brilliant blue sky, an Energy Vortex was created on a bluff high above Colorado Springs. The Palmer Park Vortex came into being just after 10:00 am under the watchful eye of Pikes Peak.

Mother Earth seemed to rejoice when she was asked to anchor and nurture the vortex. Even the birds paused in their song during the creation. 

The intent was set for this vortex to act as a beacon to attract light workers coming to the area. The white light energy vortex was created to help open awareness for miles around. Already people around the area are experiencing the wonderfully open energy of the vortex as it is helping to spread the light and love. The energy radiates in a wave like pattern, pulsing almost as rapidly as a heart beat. 

The energy of the Palmer Park Vortex provides a great source for both healing and meditation. Coming into close contact with the vortex's energy allows for full attunement of all your Chakras with little or no effort on your behalf. 

Anchored in solid granite, the Palmer Park Vortex uniquely offers the visitor both a wonderful high and yet maintains a pleasant grounded feeling. 

To reach the vortex, enter the park whatever way you prefer and then stay on the black top road, driving up until you reach a small parking lot near a large over look surrounded by a low stonewall. If you are sensitive to energy, you will be buzzing pretty good by then as the vortex is anchored
right in the middle of the overlook. 

Vortex Prayer

Great mother of Earth hear our plea
Accept this energy into thee
Great mother of Earth hear our cry
Anchor this energy so we may fly
Workers of the light
Let the powers unite
Let the vortex build
Here at this site
Climb and grow
White nimbus glow
Anchor down into the rock below
Round and round
Into the granite tight
Hold dear Earth to the fiery light

God in heaven
Smile gentled down
With your blessings
Let this energy abound
Like a mountain grows
And volcanoes flow
All good things to this light must come 
Awakening memories
Opening awareness
All good things to this light must come
All good things to this light must come
A beacon of love this vortex become
To last for all time
In safety harmony love and joy

“ The vortex building on Aug. 17th 2003 was a new experience for me.  The view was awesome. As we gathered in a circle and were holding hands, I could feel the energy moving through me. My body was actually swaying from side to side, moving with the energy.  My arms were tingling. After we stepped out of the circle and then back in, I could feel tremendous "good" energy through my entire body. I stayed there for a few minutes, and then I felt overwhelmed so I stepped out. The rest of the day I felt energized! "
Sandy B
“ I had a desire to give back something of myself to the world from which I have taken so much and enjoyed so many blessings. So I was happy to have had a role in the creation of the Palmer Park Vortex. Palmer Park has been one of my favorite places for the last 25+ years and I was happy to be able to express my gratitude.”
G Lawson
“ Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be part of something so momentous as creating an energy vortex that will last for all time!  I had decided to participate because I thought it would be something cool to do and I'm always interested in learning new things.  What I didn't anticipate was the kind of knock-your-socks-off energy blast we created.  I can feel the energy continue to ripple through the community to the benefit of all.  I am honored to have played a part in this incredible event and totally in awe of what we were able to create.”  
Sue H.
 “On a startling bright Sunday we joined hands to add a new dimension to Colorado Springs: A Vortex. Then everything seemed to stop as complete silence filled the void of the singing Blue Birds who watched. The task was completed within minutes. Amazing as it seems, we felt the spiraling uplifting energy immediately as it spread far and wide. Then our horizon filled with fluffy white clouds as if making a cocoon for the widening vortex. Since I had never participated in such an awesome event, I was especially touched by its energy and effects on the land as well as all living beings who dwell upon it. Considering the dramatic earth changes that are happening as we speak, I feel especially blessed for the Vortex presence. Thank You ANUH and Sky  for your ongoing BLESSINGS!!!" Love, Deb Benedict - SLF 
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