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Mat Hunt
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Some general stuff about me


I was born in the delightful town(that is to say it has a silver band) of Marshfield in the county of Wiltshire next to a chapel on 21st of January 1975. When I was two I moved to the Village of Batheaston where I lived until I went to university.

I decided to go to Sussex university because it looked nice and I met some interesting people to say the least(see links below). I studied pure maths as that seemed to be the subject I was least useless at at the time. I enjoyed my time at Sussex and I even went to Ireland on ERASMUS which was fun and I have one or two good stories to tell about Sussex and Ireland.

I have been studying martial arts since 1993, I started as a student under Steve Rowe at Shi Kon Budo Kai prompting me to look more closely into Tai Chi and Reiki healing of which I am a level three practitioner.Since 2001 I have been studying under the coaching director ,Martin Gatter, I am currently studying an NVQ in karate coaching under him. I currently practice a martial art called baguazhang under Alex Kozma and Warren Cohen

I currently work in the rail industry as a modelling and sinulation engineer for Tube Lines where I work in performace modelling and I also do a little systems engineering when they let me.

I started going out with the lovely Rachel and more information will be oming soon as soon as she can be arsed to get her website up and running

My interests outside of work

  • Wado-Ryu Karate(I am currently a 1st Dan)
  • Reading(thrillers mainly)
  • Hill walking
  • Medieval History
  • Kontraband
  • Music - Contemporary folk mainly (Runrig, Wolfstone etc...)
  • Deep interest in fluid mechanics and physics of fire

How to contact me