Hmm, is this where I tell you about me? As if you want to know. Right now I'm 20 years old, but that changes every time I have a birthday. I grew up in Traverse City, Kalkaska, Leelanau and Paradise (Michigan). I joined the army when I was 18 and just got out THANK GOD! I cant think of any good times I had there except for a few BBQs, I a made a lot of good friends though.
Elizabeth L. Plank                                        since 09Nov1981
I have wonderful parents, Ruth and Jim. I also have a few sisters, Rhiannon (11), Kelly (20s), and Michelle (30s).
I've got friends all over the US and the world _ you know who you are.
My hobbies and interests include chatting online,  making home videos, seeing all the new movies, going out with friends and keeping in touch with my freinds back home, making out with my boyfriend, shopping of course, cooking,, going to all the theme parks in the universe, and taking hot bubble baths.
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Korea Pictures  Sept 00 - Sept 01
My sister Michelle, and her daughter Sarah
My sister Rhiannon
My sister Kelly
Mr Kim
My Kindergarden Picture
Me and Aunt Susie in her wedding
My Cabin in Paradise, Michigan-under a lot of snow...
A couple of my baby pics
(Right) Richards, Cowboy, Carr, and me. (Lower Right) Carr, Pedicino, me,  Oliver, Cowboy, McCray in back. (below) Lampitt and me
My Dad as a kid
   Me and Dad
Family Pics
(Upper Left)  These are not family, ,just some kids I took a picture of at Seoul Land ~ filling space until I get some more pics. (Left) Here's a pic of my mom and her brother at some awesome place in Mexico. Blurry picture but very beautiful. (Below) self explanatory.
50th Engineer Company HQ