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Hunterdon Hills Collie Club, Inc.


  • Collie Club of America
    CCA Home Page

  • Keystone Collie Club, Inc., Located in Eastern Pennsylvania
    The Keystone Collie Club, Inc.

  • New Jersey Federation of Dog Fanciers
    Welcome to the NJ Federation of Dog Clubs.

  • American Working Collie Association
    Welcome to the AWCA.

  • Collie Club of America Foundation
    Dedicated to Protecting and Promoting the Health of ALL Collies

  • American Smooth Collie Association Home Page
    All Smooth Collies All Of The Time!

  • American Kennel Club
    AKC Home Page

  • AKC Collie Standard
    AKC Official Standard of the Collie.

  • Collie Expressions
    A Magazine Dedicated To Rough and Smooth Collies.

  • The Match Show Bulletin
    A monthly publication with a listing of matches for puppies

  • Jim Rau Dog Shows
    Jim Rau Dog Shows on-line.

  • New Port Dog Shows
    New Port Dog Shows Event Calendar on-line.

  • Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
    Onofrio Dog Shows Event Calendar and On-line Entry.

  • Sunnybank
    About Sunnybank & Albert Payson Terhune. The Sunnybank web site was made by Susan Bailey and Jennifer Graham. Thank you Wayne for allowing us to link to your site.

  • Cherrybrook
    The Ultimate in Dog and Cat Supplies.

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