[HUNTER'S HAVEN] - closed


Yes, Hunter's Haven is now closed for good. Do I care? Not particularly. I haven't been interested in running this site in the past three months or so. I basically do not watch wrestling at all anymore, it's awful and I think anyone who does watch it should have some sense smacked into them and stop dishing more money into McMahon's pockets. Triple H is just another guy in the world of wrestling who is so juiced up on steroids where it's disgusting to watch anymore. Is he a nice guy in person? I wouldn't know. I have met him twice but I do not KNOW him like some asshole on another Triple H sites claim. I don't know how he is in real life and I don't care. He's probably just another asshole in the world. Why devote a site and WASTE time (and money for domains) on some guy who really doesn't care? Another thing is, I've had this site opened since March of 2000, for over two years. And ever since I've had it open, a certain someone, I won't mention names, but she has ALWAYS tried to make making a Triple H site into a competition with me and a lot of other people, and it's quite sad. I think that person needs to grow up, and it's even more sad that she has a kid. Lying about deaths and shit is a really fucking messed up thing to do and this person is just sick. If a website means so much to this bitch, she should really get some help. Haha, and if someone closed to you died...a week later, would you really worry about making 10 different layouts to post? Didn't think. And to people who suck up to this statistic-mother, get a life. Being a 22 year old who got knocked up and is with a 5 year old kid, a "dead" husband and all you seem to care about is a shitty wrestling site and shit talking...it's pretty sad.  -- Amelia