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Biographies of Paul, Stepahnie, Joanie and WebMistresses
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3/12/03  Launched the new Tourist Information Center

3/09/2003  I've started updating the site....The first to be updated are the pages for Stephanie and Chyna.

1/26/2003    I removed the Fan Fiction pages from Cerebral City.  I don't have the
time to dedicate to keeping them maintained at this time.  You can go to and find those stories posted there.  Gypsy runs a wonderful
site and is about to expand and update her fan fiction section.

1/25/2003    Cerebral City won another site award from Apocalypse Awards.

1/20/2003    Cerebral City won it's first award. 2003/2004 Golden Web Award

12/25/2002  Added Xara 3D Heading Maker to the Game Room, along with
other links to free trial versions of Xara products.

11/06/2002  Added more chapters of Old School.

11/05/2002  Added two new fan fictions "The Day I Met You" and Old

11/03/2002  Opening day for Cerebral City.  Please sign our Tourist Long and
enjoy your time here at the City.
Biographies of Paul, Stepahnie, Joanie and WebMistresses
Undertaker Fan Site run by Gypsy
The Gypsy Life
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Sister Sites
This is a fan run site...We are not an official WWE club.  We do not know nor are we associated with Paul Levesque
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Kane fan site run by Lady Chaos
Angels of the Night
I am looking for some one to do weekly screen captures for Cerebral City and a RAW report.  If you are interested, please contact Kit.