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  • updated! 07-30-2000
    Play a game I spent 2 years making: "2020"
    The game is free to copy! DOS/WIN PC.
    Be sure to play in a full screen window by pressing alt-enter if the game starts in a window.

    Read a rough draft of my latest book 'No Such Thing'
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  • Here is a song Paul McCartney has heard
  • Here is a song in the game 'Zork Nemesis' by Activision,
    story by Nick Sagan, a human made by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

  • This song is called 'There is no god' and is still number 1 on planet earth
  • Have you ever heard of a song with the name 'The Universe'?
    Probably not since most humans still think there is only 1 'world' where everything happens.

  • Each human will probably not live for more than 36525 days.
    This song is similar to 'Doors' songs (Jim Morrison).

    3 songs on IUMA
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