the Mother's Club of Huntington, WV
Welcome to the Mother's Club

Please don't be shy about coming to our meetings! Our group is very open to new members. You probably won't even be the only new person there. Although some of us have lived in the Huntington area for many years, many of us are also newcomers.

We all have one thing in common - it was the Mother's Club that introduced us to other mothers who stay at home...

The ones that soon became our friends!

Our dues are $24.00 per year. This covers the cost of newsletters, speakers, room rentals, and other Mother's Club programs. Any money collected for Mother's Club will be used exclusively for our programs and projects.

You are invited to attend two meetings, such as a monthly group meeting and a park day, before you decide to become a member (activities in private homes are for members only). We understand that being a stay-at-home mom means a tight family budget, if dues are a hardship we can work something out.

Please join us; email our membership vice president at