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February 8th 2007

Welcome to the new and improved Sweet Dreams Website.

I am very sorry that I haven't updated in ages. it is NOT that I haven't been productive....I actually was but I am a lazy bum when it comes to updating :sigh: Me sorry. Me very bad. =(

If you notice any bad links, my art being used somewhere I am not aware of (in other words: commercially) then please tell me about it. You can use my art on your own private desktop, and blogs but before using the art on your website, I would like to be informed about it. Include in your mail a link to your website/blog/journal. Also do NOT hotlink!

Okay now that all is said and done, go and enjoy the show :)


Most Recent Art:

Amok Time
Elizabeth Swann
Colin Firth

monica Belucci: Piu Bella Cosa
Roslin and Adama: Up Close
Heather and Grissom : Pirates of the Third Reich

All graphics and art made by huntress. I do not own these characters, shows, actors or movies. All original images copyrighted to their respective owners. No infringement intended. If you want to use an art, email me

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