Huntsville Darkside: Voice for Urban Huntsville
Huntsville Darkside:  Voice for Urban Huntsville
This site is dedicated to Huntsville and the surrounding areas.  This site will serve as an avenue for people to communicate with others in the Huntsville area, and to share music, entertainment, and ideas. I know you been waiting, the time is now, to all you biters,haters, and fakers your time is up. The ville ain't represented like that, this is the official ville site, and all the real niggas know it. So check back every month for the new shit.  


Each Month we will showcase a ride, and see who is the number one Stunna for the month.  We will also hit the streets and see what gear is poppin around the "Ville" for the month.

What's up to all my Huntsville kinfolks. I know ya'll been waiting on us to drop some new sh*t on ya, so here it is. It's so many stunna's round here so it's hard to give it to just one. We are gonna do this section differently, if ya'll don't mind, email a pic o your car or the car you feel needs it's recognition in the darkside.


Each Month we will visit some of Huntsville's own hometown cooking and goodeating.  We will relay to our readers what dishes we sampled and will urge our readers to frequent these establishments to support our black-owned and operated businesses.

This month the Restaraunt of my choice was
B'B's Soul Food)
Blue Spring
Huntsville, Alabama 35810

My dish of choice was the Fried chicken meal which comes with two vegetable sides, and bread.  I ordered the Chicken plate and and an order of the Baked Ham. Mann, the wings was so tight, the vegetables make you feel like your at Big Momma's house.  So go on out and check em out.  They got a nice variety for under $6.00.  From Meatloaf, Turkey and Dressing, Pork Chops, fish, and even some good ole chitlen's.


Huntsville has a unique and growing scene.  From the mixture of northern transplants via Alabama A&M University's hip-hop scene to the Low down and dirty sounds of Huntsville's own, and different groups from other areas of the Dirty South.  For years, many groups showcase their talent at the annual WEUP sponsored Black Arts Festival.  The event held in June, showcases local and nationwide artists.  This gives local talent a chance to outlet their music to broader audiences.  Huntsville is growing and with it the music grows. Many groups are starting their own labels and trying to put Huntsville on the map. The South Click, Po' Boy, and Rawlow B are among the local artist to shine from Huntsville on a national level.  There are many groups hard at work trying to represent the "Ville" to the fullest.  From groups like "Public Domain," to solo artist "J-Bone", appearances at the Black Arts Festival have been numerous.  Other aspiring rap labels include "I.W.O, GuardShack, SlowMotionSoundz. and many more.  Each month we will showcase Huntsville's local artists and show love to all groups if possible.

This month's club is Chico's lounge on Friday nights.  The weekend hasn't really gotten into the swing of things but Friday nights is the place to be in Huntsville.  With tight securtiy, and a older type vibe it's a good place to parlay, or just get your sip on.  Saturday nights are sure to jump once word gets out.

The Artists I want to showcase this month is the entire label of Slowmotionsounds.  They have a lot of talent,and these brothers are determined to make it and represent Huntsville the way it should be.  Check out their website, and show these cats some love.  I been click tight with them boyz since 3C, they got some shit for you that represent that real Huntsville street shit. Pick up that Mata, The DarkSide give it 5 bullets. Their latest cd came out on April 29th, "VSOP-Enroute Vol. 1. Every track on every cd is bangin, trunk rattling shit, so go and buy the shit out the store. Bootleggers burn bitch. 


In this section local Barber shops and Saloon's will get their chance to shine and showcase their talents.  We will also showcase a Detail shop in this section each month.

This month the barber shop we gonna put you up on is Zaid's. 
Zaid's Barber Shop
4105 Oakwood Avenue
Hunstville, Alabma
You got three barber's that are tight, professional, and always looking for new business.  Zaid's is the place if you want that fresh fade, bobs,relaxers, eyebrow's arched, or just that ol' school even cut like Martin Luther King.  So check em' out cuz if your hair ain't tight the women ain't talkin bout nothing for real.

I havn't had a chance to visit any Hair Shop's or any Detail shops so just look out for the next issue in May.

We want to hear from anybody that wants to represent their hood, click, or record label. Each month we will show your hood, and be on the lookout for that major shit comin out from the Darkside. Can't put too much information out there, too many 4th, bitch-made, hata people circulating around on the net stealing ideas, just like on the streets. Ya'll stay real, and keep your third vision open. Email ya boy at
Please go out and support the entire SlowMotion Camp by buying this CD.
This is ya folk(CrimeBoss256 A.K.A Dre') I am the Editor in Chief of "Huntsville Darkside".
Huntsville A.K.A Stuntville A.K.A HUSTLEVILLE
Gotta show some love to Thad (Big Cuz)from the GShack representing the ville
We always got to keep God in our hearts or else our minds and bodies become a part of the sick system of evil the devil has put forth to hold the black nation down.
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