Do you know what is ABCD?(Hint:American Born Cute/Confused Desi!!!). Get married to them and be happy, becuz ABCDs are GREAT!!!!!!!!Don't read this article if you are not GREATEST of the GREATEST one(like me!!!)....

Let's first define ABCD:

The original meaning of ABCD is American Born Confused Desi(basically Indian!!!), but as a general psychology nobody like to be known as confused, that's why I came to know from XXXX Patel that it's not confused, its Cute!!!

Being born and raised in India, its really intersting to know this hybrid generation having both indian and western culture. While writing this,it's been almost 2.5 years, I am in USA. So, its a very interesting situation for me. I can see the difference between Indian culture(who is born and brought up in India) and ABCD culture( who born and brought up in USA but their parents born and brought up in India).

This difference striked me first time, when I was talking with XXXX Patel for a marriage proposal. I was totally blind about knowing "blind date" at that time, when she told me that she never go for a blind date. In fact, I never had a proper date as per USA/ABCD culture. This is one of the GREAT thing about ABCDs that they go for dates, and have FUN!!!

One other GREAT thing, which I experienced is that ABCDs almost hate Desis because of their attitudes, English accent,hair style and style of dressing. Almost all ABCDs have GREAT American accent, unique hair styles and very dashing dressing. These make them GREAT looking people!!!

One of the thing, which I came to know that ABCDs like to stay in Dorms, once they start their college, because they can get more freedom from their parents, and have lots of dates & FUN. I know people, who have tried to get admission in different college other than nearer college just to stay away from home and reserved parents. "Fighting Aggressively for Freedom" is the GREATEST thing about ABCDs.

ABCDs can get International exposure being in USA, and speaking English all the time, which I didn't have until I come to USA. In India, there are lots of people who are very talented, but doesn't have international exposure.

One very interesting thing which I liked about ABCD women is that -after marriage they demand equal rights for house work, cooking and cleaning. Still, in India women have all the burden for all housework, cooking and cleaning, even if she go for a job(that's what happens & happend to my mom atleast!!!!). Being aware about rights and demanding for it -makes ABCDs GREATEST too!!!

So, in summary:

If you wanna enjoy these GREAT people, find them, and get married to them (because that's what one of my close friend did!!!)