Are you a teacher or professor? and you want to catch those students who directly copy from internet?

Visit for more information: and its commercial arm,

Read an article at "The Kidnapping of Content"

My experience:

The above article is a real concern for almost everyone, because everyone(atleast 1%!!!) cheat while studying in college or school. In fact,I used to cheat(directly from internet) since 3rd or 4th semester of engineering.

Now, what I feel about plagiarizing(Latin kidnapped the word "plagion" from ancient Greek and it ended up in English as "plagiarism". It literally means "to kidnap" - most commonly, to misappropriate content and wrongly attribute it to oneself. It is a close kin of piracy.)

The part between ( ) above is just a copy paste from the above article... hahahahahahahaha........So, even in this writting, I am stealing something. But, this CAP(copy and paste/cut and paste) technology( we used to call it in college, while I was doing MS at Utah State University) is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! People used to come to me to ask for URLs to use the CAP technology effectively!!!

I believe that we live a short life and we can't make all material original and there is no need to be. Let's say, if I make a computer program, then there is no need to make it again by anyone else.Its like re-inventing the wheel.In software engineering they teach that "Don't re-invent the wheel", and all software enginerring process give more emphasis on "re-use". You know what? Re-use is nothing but the "plagiarizm".

I also experienced this "Kidnapping of Content" problem, while I was doing independent study of wireless technologies with Cynthia Furse(She is the most energetic,friendly and enthusistic professor I have ever met in my life She is the BEST.For wireless technologies visit her at Her Web Page. I am very thankful to her for teaching how to put references while writing a technical paper. We had to submit the papers of different technology by studying it. Now, how can anyone come up with different topics of technology and study it with all original content? Its not possible!!! We have to copy something from each and every material available and write it in our own words (actually by just changing some sentence!!!)or just using CAP technology. But, still, we have to read a lot and search some good papers to use CAP technology.

So, what I conclude here?

The fact: Not everyone can generate original material on this earth. So, whoever wants to use CAP technology, use it wisely by reading many related things and give credit to people or article whenever you use that resource.

And for teachers/professors...I would say that...Let students use CAP technology...but let them know that you are fully aware of it and encourage them to read more and come up with more original ideas and content. If its a really strict requirement to be original in order to understand the topic or fundamental, then only push students to get original work(because you don't want to burden them to re-invent the wheel and get lots of bad words too!!!!!). 1