Hello Visitor,

Kem chho? common answer is: Majama, right????? I have seen the whole evolution having "no Gujarati" on internet to lots of web-site now!!!! Anyway, its really interesting to have many more pure Gujarati sites available on internet and its all FREE!!!

Here, are URLs you will love to read it:

Zazi.com - First original and pioneer Gujarati web-site on internet. They re-designed the site recently.

Himanshu Bhatt's Personla Site - I had personal contact with the author of this site and 1-2 times talked with him on phone. Its a really intersting site.

Rediff.com - You know about it very well

Sandesh.com - Our newspaper - where you can read articles of Chandrakant Bakshi...I am very irregular to read it now!!!

GujaratSamachar.com - Apnu Gujarat Samachar

Gurjari.net - One other nice site in Gujarati

Chitralekha.com - Gujarati Magazine

You can buy some of Gujarati books from here: GUjarati Books.com

I will add more URLs in future and will let you know. Meanwhile, enjoy all these.

Have lots of fun(like me!!!)......