Be Professional

I contacted Jack Philbin for a WAP Application for his start-up company almost in October 2001. I was supposed to work as a consultant, but he was very fuzzy about the whole work, and morever he was giving me some handsome fee(400$) for it, which was toooooooooooooooooooo much less. Now here, are e-mails which back and forth between me and him.

------------------------------------------------ E-mail from Jack


You contacted me in October and the last email I received was December 7th.I am always here and would like you to do the WAP site asap. I attached the contract. I must insist on one change that you be paid in full at completion of the project - for it is already January 15th. I would like to have the due date for the project be February 1st - This gives you two weeks to complete the WAP site. I feel this is necessary to convey how urgent this is. If you could come here Monday, Wedneday, or Friday to speak with "Dave" about how you will complete the project - that would be great.

I have downloaded the Openwave WAP browser for my PC and hope to see some progress soon! Please email me with any questions - or call 847.869.2482!

Hope all is going well in 2002!

________________ Jack Philbin


Reply to Jack for above e-mail by Ankur Patel

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your mail and sending the agreement. I read the whole agreement, and I am highly dissatisfied with it.

I can only say that "even if you are the president, you need to grow profesionally...You are not profesional as such...because, the pay is too less, and in this mail, I am feeling that now you are begging me to work for you."

I have done my Masters in computer engineering and I highly respect my profession with getting reasonable pay, respect and proper responsibility in a project.

I am doing part time job and I started my consulting business too...and its catching up, because I am professional in whatever I do.

You have very vague idea about doing this project. I can't be finished within 2 weeks doing little testing. You were keep saying that you were in hurry to finish the project, but you just sent agreement yesterday. It shows your insincerity about your work and the company goals.

I hope you will grow profesionally in future, and offer good pay, respect and responsibility to all who will work in your company.

I am still positive about doing your work...But now, its your turn to call me on my cell: 312-342-6283

Have lots of fun....


Jack's E-mail to Ankur Patel

Ankur, I called your cell phone. I think we just have to have better communication with one another. I thought you were coming in. Call me tomorrow around noon if you are able to.

________________ Jack Philbin

Ankur Patel's Reply

Hi Jack,

> I called your cell phone. -------->Thanks or your call.

> I think we just have to have better communication > with one another.

------->I always tried to have better and oopen communication about pay, but you were always reluctant to talk about it. And you were also not clear about my role in the project.

> I thought you were coming in. ------->So far, I have been to your office 3 times with all my valuable suggestion, ideas and my little project demo. And, you didn't prepare the contract so far, so there was no meaning to come to your ofice and talk to you.

I always tried to reply you and call you...But, I didn't have favorable reply from you.

So, first of all...I am not gonna sign a contract for you for only 400$.

Now, I am asking 400$ upfront cash for all my effort to continue communication with you and all the time I used for your project and little research. If you pay me this amount, then I will hook you up with one of my very good friend for this project(who will charge you atleast 1000$).....

If you agree on this payment terms, reply me in e-mail....Then I will call you and I can come with my friend to your office..........


Good luck with your company.....SMS has bright future!!!!

Bye for now......


After this e-mail Jack never contacted me.........and I wish he and his company will make lots of progress!!!!!!!