Date: Jan 2nd, 2002 Time: 11-00 am.

Job Market analysis for new job seekers

Useful statastics & information which I read from 30 Dec. 2001 Chicago Sun Times- Careers section

The article was like an interview with a president of Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. (It is the USA's first, oldest and premier consulting organization, working solely with individuals sponsored by their former employers.)

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USA have seen almost 1.8 million job cuts through November 2001.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently reported that USA lost 4,68,000 jobs in October 2001 & 3,31,000 in November 2001. The 2 month losses were the worst for any 2 months since May-June 1980. Unemployment jumped to 5.7% in November 2001.

Just 1 year ago, USA had the lowest unemployment rate-3.9% - in 30 years.

High tech(telecommunicatios,computers,electronics and e-commerce), manufacturing(automotive,chemical,steel & durable goods) and travel (airlines,restaurants,hotels,traveling agencies,convention centers and resorts) are the hardest hit industries in this down economy.

Which industries are rising even after slow economy & Sept.11 attack?

Health care(there are tremendous shortage of nurses all over USA), energy, teaching and education,government, mortage banking,construction, military,defense, law enforcement agencies and securities.

What will be future trend of job seekers?

Balancing work and family lives will gain in priority versus attributes such as salary,benefits,vacation time and advancement opportunities, and workers will switch careers if necessary to reach those goals. The road warriors who spent agreat deal of time traveling for work,flying around and spending lonely nights at various hotels, may decide that spending time with their family is more important. More people may also decide that they want to live closer to their extended families, rather than struggling to the top of the corporate ladder in a city far from where they grew up.

What will happen to the economy?

The economy will probably get worse before it gets better. The unemployment rate is still low(5.7%) compared to 10.5%(during recession in 1982). The next hope for now is second quarter of 2002.

Advice to job seekers

It is more productive to concentrate on sectors that remain healthy than trying to time the general recovery.

Advice from me now...

Take rest sometime, enjoy your free time...Think something new... Read a book, novel or magazine which is inspirational....Meet your old friends, relatives and meet someone new or strange people... Watch some new TV show which you generally don't see...Surf new web-sites on internet... and just have fun!!!!

And while having fun, do some small jobs wherever and whenever you can - no matter how qualified and experienced you are!!!!!!!!Try to work in some different industry and know more about it....

And hey, if you can't find a job, don't take it personally...It's not your fault..It's just bad economy..Life has its own cycle of having bad days and good days......Enjoy your bad days also....and remember the philosophy of martial art people and body builders - "Pain is Joy"........

Have lots of fun.....

Talk- Back

One of my very best room partner "Pranav Raval" has also a suggestion which I missed it -keep in touch with your field.....stay updated, keep reading".