Date: Feb 18, 2002 Time: 1-45 p.m.

Meet with my Wife(s)!!!!!!!!

In memory of recent 14th Feb.2002, Valentine's Day....

NOTICE: I am still bachelor & I am not a GAY by any chance!!!!!!

This articles is a brainchild of me, but developed(not by sperms!!!!) by me & one my wife(s)(Kalpit Khamar) several days ago. Kalpit Khamar is my school buddy, living in NJ and working for Lucent Technologies. He is our BBC or Database manager...He keeps track of all past information, and he has tremendous memory for making contacts anywhere.After coming to USA, I talked with him very much, and still we are talking every 2-3 days!!!!!!

We human being...think only about "women"(even though it contains the word "men" in it!!!) when we hear a term called "wife". So, let me break that tradition, and I will prove that even without getting married, I have several wife(s) without having sex with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitions of "WIFE":

1. a wife takes care of her husband....
2. a wife takes care of her husband's friends & relatives...
3. a wife knows her husband & his family...
4. a wife gives comfort to her husband....
5. a wife obeys what her husband says.....
6. a wife adds color to her husband's life
7. a wife gives a new meaning to her husban's life
8. a wife makes her husband a slave sometimes
9. a wife demand too much from her husband sometimes
10. a wife try to be faithful all the time to her husband
11.a wife bear all physical abuse given by her husband generally

Now, let me introduce my most favorite 6 wife(s).

1.Kalpit Khamar,Kaushal Parikh, Tejas Shah, Janak Mehta, Navdeep Mehta, Kunal Dave, Pranav Raval & many more:

These all are my alive wife(s) and they are my best and old school friends(except - Navdeep Mehta & Pranav Raval!!!!). We know each other since more than 10 years, so we have a strong relationship in between us. Besides knowking each other, we know each other's family members too, and we ask about their well-being whenever we talk on phone. We almost know all school and college history of each other. We take care of each other. We all have different GREAT personality, and we always enjoy this diversity of personalities!!!!!!!!

Wife definitions followed: 1,2,3,4,6,10

Computer: After coming to USA, I bought a computer from a chinese guy in Dec.1999, and still by Feb.2002, I am using that same computer. Its still working with all my loaded softwares and important data. It helped me throught (for 2 years!!!!)my MS, and still keep working without saying any word of complaint. How faithful and obedient it is!!!!!!!!! I love you my darling....Without you, I can't live in this world. You almost made me a slave!!!!!!!

Wife definitions followed:1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10

Kinetic Honda: Before coming to USA, I used it sooooooooo much. I am thankful to my pappa for getting me Kinetic Honda when I was in 9th grade. I was the only one in my class to get this black sexy wife with a sexy number "6565". It always gave me GREAT speed and enjoyment to ride on it!!!!!!! I am really missing it here in USA. I almost knew ins and out of it, and I utilized this knowledge to exploit other's wife too!!!!!!!!!!!

Wife definitions followed:1,2,4,5,6,10

Boxing Bag: After coming to USA, I am really mising this wife. I spent so much money to get it into my home in India. I physically abused it lots of time, but it never said a word about it. I filled it up with silicon(not silicon jelly in breast!!!!!!!!), and had too much fun to hit it up and to make my punch and kicks stronger day by day. It made me so strong. Thanks my darling!!!!!!!

Wife definitions followed:3,5,6,10,11

Cell Phone: I got this slick, slim, little bit heavy but feature rich wife in Feb. 2001. I am enjoying it every day and night. It gives me directions when I really need it fast. I surf internet through it. I read latest news from it and I play games with it also(Its in-built in it). Now, I can't live without you, honey!!!!!!! You are now part of my life!!!!!!!

Wife definitions followed:1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10

Car: I got the silver colored(Mercury Sable) big wife in Feb.2001. My friend(Suketu Naik) helped me to choose it. It takes me wherever and whenever I want. It never gave me any major trouble so far(little ones ok!!!). But, Its a heavy maintainance wife...I love it so much that I have to take full insurance and pay lots of $$$ for it. I can't live without it, because without it I am a person without legs!!!!!!

Wife definitions followed:1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

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