I am always Thankful!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, my heart fills with the feelings of "thankfulness" to all who walks through my life......I am thankful to all who know me........But this writing is specially for the people to whom I am thankful of my being in USA.........

I am so thankful to my prof Dr. Jan Sojka who is from Scotland, and is an assistant director of "Center for Atmospheric & Space Sciences" at Utah State University,Logan,Utah,USA. I worked with him as a web programmer since Nov.1999 to Aug.2001 in a project related to weather forecasting.He is so kind and soft spoken person. I got a great exposure of research world and scientists people. I am thankful to him from bottom of my heart. I am also thankful to my academic advisor Dr. Dyke Stiles.

Without these 2 person, I wouldn't have been survived in USA and finished my Master study.

I am very very thankful to my mummy-pappa for encouraging and supporting me to go to USA for Masters study.

Mummy took great efforts to pass the loan from Bank of India for my fees of first semester of study in USA. It was my life's highest frustration when I was rejected for visa 2 times and mummy only had a hope for getting visa. And, I finally got it in 3rd time. Mummy's contribution is the highest of my being in USA. Mummy-Pappa, I love you and miss you so much in chicago......

I am so thankful to all of my friends for their support and encouragement. Special thanks goes to kalpit, Janak, Kaushal, Tejas, Pranav,Bhargav, Navdeep,Priyang, Kunal & Aalap.They are more than just friends to me....may be more than that.......I love you my friends...... Without you all, Life is so boring!!!!!

Very special thanks goes to my friend-neighbour-mentor - Nishant Jhaveri, who encouraged me for the preparation of GRE, Toefl and univ. application process etc..

Special thanks goes to Nipun, Vinumasa, Kanumasa & Chandrakantmasa.....

And, in general, thanks goes to all my family, relatives for their support & encouragement.

You are all terrific and made me terrific too(may be more than you!!!!!!)