My Experiences at USU

I came to USA in USU(Aug 26th 1999)(Utah State University) for my Masters. It's more than 110 years old great university with full of natural beauties(including girls too!!!) around it.
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I became the official liason of ACM(Association for Computing Machinery) CrossRoads Check out my name at ACM Liason Web-site Visit ACM CrossRoad Web-site Here also

I was also involved in a Linux Group in my univ. Visit the Web Site I had a GREAT experience to attend a lecture of Richard M. Stallman when he was the keynote speaker at the 1st USU Free Software and GNU/Linux Forum, in September 2000. Get more details here.

I worked (from Nov.1999 to Aug. 2001)at SER(Science Engineering Research) Building here. SER(Science Engineering Research) Building
For the GAIM Project. It was a 5 year long weather forecasting project, in which 4 univ. were involved and unofficially USC & NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab invloved too!!! Get more details about this project here. I had a great time to do coding in Perl for this job. And, the most intersting part of the job was that - I was the only person responsible for making web application and I had no one to give guidance for doing coding in Perl.
Working on Sun Solaris Work Station
Ankur Patel - a Web Programmer

I was working under Dr. Jan Sojka(who is an Assistant Director, Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences & Professor of Physics). His secretary Shwana Johnson and other scientists -Don Thompson & Ludger- helped me so much for my job. I am very very thankful to them. It was really a great experience to work with them, and I really miss them in Chicago.