Is Writing for Web easy? If you know it well!!!

In this CAP(Cut/Copy and Paste) techology era on internet, anybody can steal the text from anywhere on internet.(Don't tell anybody, but that's what I did many times before!!!). But, that's not enough, you need to know some basic skills of writing too!!!

So,the quesion is that "How can you write for web?"

There are 2 flavors to it:

1. Totally personal:You can write it on a personal level like you are directly talking to other person. Sometimes, this is a more acceptable level on web. Did you recognize that my style of writing fall in this category!!!

2. Totally business: This category of writing is something like someone is talking from a stage and introducing an important person. I found that most of the big comapny's web-sites contain CEOs bio-data this way.

So, let's assume that you write something for web(or just use CAP technology), but that's not enough...It has to be edited too!!!

So, now question is that "Why web writing must be edited?"

Because every person has a certain level of interest in every piece of information. A writer should help each reader get their desired level of information as quickly as possible.

You must know that for any web-site,all visitors fall in 3 categories:

No interest Some interest Strong interest

Most of the audience will only have some interest and little time to read your crap.A web page which caters to each level of reader interest will result in more satisfied visitors & eventually happy customers.

Now, let me share some of my tips, which I try to implement for web pages I make:

You must always ask these questions for all web pages you make:

1. Is a paragraph or page create more interest in a reader?
2. How do you satisfy a visitor who is thirsty for more information?
3. Is necessary information quickly and easily available?
4. Is key information available as a one sentence/one paragraph summary?
5. Are all headings informative?
6. Do you ask questions to readers and provide feedback form for it?

So, did you learn something from this article? If yes, thanks for reading and learning as well as congratulations for adding some skills to your personality. If no, go through it and let me know how I can help you to understand it more.

And, as you know I always love suggestions and critics from you.