Hi! I'm Rocki, the big boy! I was born in Puerto Rico on April 19, 1994. My parents were originally from Texas, but decided they liked the weather here better. My mom calls me the "alarm clock". She usually gets up for work at 5:15, but when the alarm doesn't ring, I get worried. So, I jump on the bed, grab her arm and start shaking it. She gets up, real quick! Ha! My favorite treat is the inside of BONZ. She buys them special for me. She also keeps a supply of bitter apple near by when Friends visit since I like to nip ankles. I have a sister, and I had a brother. (Skippy died July 5th). Check them out!
Silveretta is my name! If you're wondering why, I entered in a shoe box wrapped in silver paper as a Christmas present. Of course there was a big hole in the top for air. I was born Sept. 1994, not exactly sure what date. As soon as I got here, I grabbed Rocki by the scruff and pulled him around to show who was boss. Wow! I must have been nuts! He was 3 times as big as me. I love everybody, people as well as ferrets. AND, I'm a black nose.
Skippy, what a name! I did skip once in a while, but most of the time you could have found me basket sleeping. I was born in Kansas around Jan. 1994 (that made me the oldest). I have no idea how I got to Puerto Rico, But I'm sure glad I did. I used to have other owners, but had no one to play with. When Mom heard about me, she immediately came to visit. I was lonely and living in a cage outside. The owners were nice and asked Mom if she would take me home to play with Rocki & Silveretta. Well, it was love at first sight between Silveretta and me, but Rocki was another thing. He tried to eat me! I really think he did! He'd get over it. I loved it here and never wanted to go back to the cage. So, I didn't. But how to stay alive with Rocki around. Hmm. Mom went away on vacation and Dad slept with us on the floor holding each of us in his arms. Well, when you fall asleep together and wake up together, I guess that means that you can live together. And so we did, for over 3 1/2 years. I usually slept with Silveretta, but sometimes Rocki would get into bed with us. That was ok.
We guess it's time for all good ferret lovers to say good-night. We thank you for visiting our page and send our love to all. The next page to see is more of Rocki, Silveretta & Skippy