Hockey Town Fall Preview
October 11, 2002
Wiffle Smack

Wiffle Dome, Saugus MA

It's been a long hot tournament season and it could have taken it's toll on this seasons Hockey Town Fall league. In fact, it already has. One of the favorites every season is the Mad Dogs. Under the microscope of do or die tournament play the Dogs imploded this summer and have broken up. Could the Hurricanes have burned themselves out with too many tournaments? Maybe. Time will tell

The Royals come into the season with high hopes after having some success on the wiffle tour and picking up a new pitcher in Bill Pitts. They also suffered some roster problems and instead of ending thier team as it did to the Mad Dogs, they've split into 2 teams. The WWE is made up of 2 former Royals and this should add to some already very good rivalries at Hockey Town this fall.

With HT constants like Nathans Pride and Drunken Beatles, the Canes will not be given anything this season, even without thier #1 competition Mad Dogs in the mix. We'll see just where the Hurricanes are after 3 weeks with 3 tough games to start off the season.

There's one of two things that will happen. Either the Canes will suffer from tournament blues and struggle to start or they will come out of the gates flying. I think you know what my guess is.



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