Hush... listen to the silence... to the beating of your heart.  Hush now, my love, and welcome.  Before you is a journey, will you take it?  Hush, and open your mind... what you will feel will be beyond your previous capacity to feel, and will take you to a place you've only hoped of...
Soon, you will find your way...
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The whispers come from every side.  They beckon you "Join us, join us, a good ole' time we'll create.  We'll sing of lore, eat and explore, and banish all thoughts of hate."  You are unsure where the voices are from, but they are soothing.

It is then that you realize... those same voices are from inside you.  The live in you, and they are you.  They whisper at you, begging you, and yet you turn away.  Why?

I am a hushed voice.  I am a pushed aside thought.  I am reclaiming my rightful place... the place where I can be heard.

Will anyone care?  What does it matter... I am free; to talk, to sing, and to carry my message.  Will my voice ever be hushed again?  Perhaps... but this is my voice, and it will ring loud and clear through all who listen to the child, the adult, the vixen, the faery, the true and the insane inside of them.
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I look to the stars, and I wonder of what is beyond.  Is that so wrong?
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