Fast zip

  Cracks the password from protected ZIP files , DOS Based [download]


Cracks all Windows *.pwl password files, DOS based 


POPMail PW cracker 1

This cracker cracks POP3 Email account passwords, DOS based 


BreakARJ 1.0

ARJ File password cracker, DOS based 


Date Crack

Removes Time Limit on demo software, betas, etc. 


Eudora Pro/Lite cracker

Lets you "recover" the encrypted password in the *.ini file 


Excel Crack

Password Cracker for Microsoft Excel 


Revelation v1.1

Program that reveals all *** password fields in Windows 


WWPRT v1.0

Password recovery program for Word 6&7. 


Cellphone tools
(Sorry, but no description is available for these files)

Cellular Manager v1.00 [download]

Cellular Manager v2.00b [download]

ESN Format Converter [download]

ESN NECp2 [download]

ESN Prefix Table (By Code Order) [download]

ESN v3.3 [download]

Hacking the F.O.V.C [download]

GSM 6111 Software Tester [download]

NiceGrab II R.1 [download]

CELLINFO for Scanner Users [download]

Raw Archive of Scanner Modifications [download]

Snarfware v0.9b [download]

Credit Card Programs

Cmaster4 v4.0

Visa/Mastercard/American Express, generated on screen, file or printed. 


Vcard v1.25

Visa/Mastercard/Discovery, command line generated or interactive mode. 


Cardpro v1.0

V/M/D generate, validate, runs in win95/98. Includes USA address generator. 


Cwizard v1.1

V/M/D generate, validate, 95/98 inc. USA address generator. 


Thc-tc18 v1.8

Generate, extrapolate from existing card base. 


Cisis v1.0

If you know an Isis managers number for TRW use this and have some fun. 



Backdoors / Remote Administaration tools (trojans)

Back Orifice client and server. (1998-Aug-03)

Back Orifice is a remote administration system which allows a user to control a computer across a tcpip connection using a simple console or GUI application. On a local LAN or across the internet, BO gives its user more control of the remote Windows machine than the person at the keyboard of the remote machine has. BO is small, and entirely self installing. Simply executing the server on any windows machine installs the server, moving the executable into the system where it will not interfere with other running applications. To ease distribution, BO can also be attached to any other windows executable which will run normally after installing the server. Once running, BO does not show up in the task list or close-program list, and is rerun every time the computer is started. The filename that it runs as is configurable before it is installed, and it's as easy to upgrade as uploading the new version and running it. 


Netbus v2.0 Pro (BETA!)

now with better GUI, proxy support, enhanced file manager, chat feature, web-cam capture ability, complete window manager, registry manager, plugin manager, host scheduler, enhanced system info and much more. size 1.4MB 

[homepage] [download]

NetBus v1.7 (1998-Nov-14)

NetBus is a remote administration tool. Since the NetBus server is hidden, it can be used to to play some joke with your friends as well. In future, NetBus will probably become a more serious tool for network administration. The software has features like capture images on the screen, record key strokes, download and upload files, show and kill active windows, port redirect, application redirect, among other more meaningless, but cool functions, such as open CD-ROM and disable keys. 


Back Orifice plug-ins ButTrumpet

A plugin that sends you an email with the host's IP address once installed. 


SilkRope 2.0

A packager that allows you to bind Back Orifice to most any existing program. 


Buttsnif 0.92

BUTTSniffer is a packet sniffer and network monitor for Win95, Win98 and also NT 4.0 



An IRC plugin that secretly logs into a predefined server and broadcasts the host's IP address. 



A packager that allows you to hide Back Orifice in an existing standard "Install Shield"-like installer. 


FAQ about plug-ins

Back Orifice plugin FAQ 


Hacking Texts



Copyright 1997,1998,1999.huslayer 

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